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Three ways to celebrate Earth Day

April 19, 2018

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, 2018

Go outside

What better way to celebrate creation than to spend some time deeply immersed in it?

Our desire to worship swells whenever we find ourselves in awe of something beautiful.

After all, God took time to admire the world after creation.

“The forests of America, however slighted by man, must have been a great delight to God; for they were the best he ever planted. The whole continent was a garden, and from the beginning, it seemed to be favored above all the other wild parks and gardens of the globe,” says John Muir.

Spending time in nature enriches our desire to worship, our desire to be good stewards of the earth, and our desire to live more simply.

Find your nearest state or national park or forest, head towards the coast, or simply go for a long walk somewhere removed from the confines of settled spaces. Let yourself delight in God’s artistry.

A Plant With Purpose volunteer at an Earth Day event in San Diego

A Plant With Purpose volunteer at an Earth Day event in San Diego

Celebrate at a community event

In cities all around the world, hundreds of Earth Day events are organized every year. Do a quick online search to find one close to you.

These events are a great way to encounter diverse groups of people from all walks of life. They're a great opportunity to share the reasons why you desire to protect the environment.

Community gatherings can also introduce you to individuals and organizations seeking to have a positive impact on the environment in your hometown. Interested in a group that wants to promote bicycle transportation? Want to find some clean-up events? There’s a good chance that if somebody is organizing something along those lines that they’ll be promoting it at Earth Day.

Plant With Purpose has participated in some local gatherings every year. We've had the privilege to meet many supporters and friends through Earth festivals across the country. 


Throw a fundraiser… and make it fun!

Earth Day is a celebration of the planet, so it makes sense that a celebration of Earth Day should include people across the entire planet, right?

The people most impacted by environmental issues live in rural communities around the world. The loss of rainforests heavily affects parts of South and Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The environmental challenges that these communities face are the reason why Plant With Purpose works with urgency.

Reflect on Earth Day by taking a global perspective. Consider taking action to support reforestation and sustainability efforts in these areas.

Follow this link, and you’ll find the opportunity to create a personal fundraising page. You can use that page to start a fundraiser that will plant trees, combat poverty, and provide hope to a place in need.

Get creative! It’s Earth Day, after all, so take advantage of the opportunity to host an event-based fundraiser. Ask friends to donate in exchange for participation in a dinner using all sustainably grown, local ingredients. Host a Chopped-style cooking competition using food scraps to promote zero waste. Throw an open mic night and donate the ticket price.

The limits are as elastic as your imagination. Go ahead and have a blast.

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