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Cynthia McNeil Jones

As our Accounting Assistant, Cynthia’s role involves  helping our financial team with creating and editing documents, evaluating budgets, tracking expenses, and reconciling financial books. Cynthia aids our team in all the necessary areas involving financial bookkeeping, and budget processes.  Cynthia has her certificate in Financial Management Essentials. In her free time, Cynthia is a hiphop […]
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Rona Mana-Ay

As our Finance and Accounting Director, Rona is committed to the mission of impact. Rona’s role in the Finance and Accounting Department enables her to use her extensive background to help the organization reach greater societal change and maintain financial stability. Rona has 30 years of professional experience and has assumed various finance roles. She […]
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Kristen Kreitzer

As V.P. of Finance and Administration, Kristen takes on a number of tasks involving overseeing financial and human resource efforts, and coordinating strategic development planning. Kristen is heavily involved in linking Plant With Purpose’s transformative work in the field to our U.S. headquarters.  Drawing on her background in Organization Development and applied behavior science, she […]
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Miguel Martinez

As the Finance & Accounting Manager, Miguel enjoys working with systems that facilitate our gears to move. Though Miguel works a lot behind the scenes, his involvement in the organization works as the oil of an engine, keeping things running smoothly. Miguel’s work is crucial to our improvement, as he works with platforms and applications […]
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