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Board of Directors

Jan Farley

Jan Farley returned to the Board of Directors in 2023 after taking a one year mandatory leave from her previous six years of service. She is an alumnus of UC Santa Barbara and Fuller Theological Seminary and recently retired from her Associate Pastor position at Village Church. Jan and her husband, Richard, reside in La […]
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Scott Sabin

Scott Sabin has served as the Executive Director and then CEO of Plant With Purpose since 1995 and has grown the organization from a single program in one country to include over 900 communities across eight countries. Scott is motivated to serve with Plant With Purpose because of the unique combination of spiritual, environmental, and […]
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Darrell Shrader

Darrell and his wife Jill are members of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, where he first learned about us, and joined the board in 2018. His passion is supporting nonprofits like Plant With Purpose who are committed to encouraging and empowering people around the world to support themselves and their families and live with dignity. He […]
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Curtis Robinson

Curtis Robison joined the Plant With Purpose Board in 2022. He is a Principal Consultant with Root, part of Accenture, and leads their diversity, equity, and inclusion practice. He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology, his Masters in Business Administration, and he completed one year of doctoral work in strategic leadership. Curtis resides in San […]
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Cindy Outlaw

Cindy Outlaw joined the board in 2003 and helped pioneer the organization's expansion into Tanzania. She was introduced to Plant With Purpose by CEO Scott Sabin, a fellow member of her church, and has been motivated by the thousands of lives now filled with hope as a result of the mission. Cindy has served the […]
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Sebastian Mathews

Sebastian Mathews met CEO Scott Sabin and COO Paul Thompson quite providentially at a conference in 2019, and in 2022 he became a board member. Sebastian was born in India into a smallholder farming family, spent his early childhood in Zambia, and later in apartheid South Africa where he came to faith in Christ.  He […]
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Jeff Kahler

Jeff Kahler is rejoining the board in 2021 after serving several terms since 2006. He also serves as CFO and Treasurer of Find us Faithful Foundation in Colorado, which has been a major donor to Plant With Purpose over the past six years.  Jeff has degrees from the University of Colorado and University of Northern […]
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Cindy Chen

Cindy joined the Plant With Purpose Board in 2019 where she serves as the External Affairs Committee Chair. She has visited Plant With Purpose’s programs in Oaxaca, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and finds Plant With Purpose to be the most effective organization at reversing deforestation and rural poverty in a sustainable, holistic way.  Cindy […]
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Jeff Busby

After attending a home reception over a decade ago, Jeff Busby was inspired by Plant With Purpose’s empowerment model and long track record of delivering tangible, lasting results. Jeff has been an influential connector since 2003 and has served on the board since 2005 in various terms and leadership positions. He currently serves on the […]
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Steve Dhanens

Steve joined the Plant With Purpose Board in 2019. He recently retired from Qualcomm Incorporated after 18 years where he served as Vice President & Business Unit CFO for Qualcomm MEMs Technologies and Omnitracs Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm. Steve also participated in M&A due diligence and served as the operations team lead on acquisition […]
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Judith Enns

Judith joined the Plant With Purpose Board in 2019 and holds the position of Board Secretary and also serves on the Board Governance Committee. For over 30 years, Dr. Enns has been influential in enhancing the role of Human Resources in companies of all sizes and in advancing the careers of HR professionals. Now retired, […]
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John Steel

John Steel and his wife, Gail, were invited to a home reception in 2003 and have been hooked on Plant With Purpose’s impactful work ever since. John joined the board in 2013 and has been actively involved on the Executive Committee, Governance Committee, and serving in the role of both Secretary and Chair.  John spent […]
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