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Plant With Purpose wants to help you celebrate Earth Week, wherever you happen to be. We’ve curated the Earth Day @ Home guide- a collection of resources to help you grow as a steward of the environment. You’ll find things to read and stream to feed your sense of wonder. You’ll find family-friendly activities around learning and gardening. You’ll find opportunities to help communities be resilient during crisis.

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Our world faces an environmental crisis. Much of this crisis is the result of unsustainable lifestyles. God created a world with processes and systems to support life. Careless lifestyles, however, harm the world that we all share. We must embrace simple living and good stewardship in order to restore creation. We must lead lives of simplicity and good stewardship. When we see ourselves as caretakers, rather than consumers, we live according to God’s plan. Living this way can seem like a radical shift from the way our world operates, but changes can start small. Download the Plant With Purpose guide to living sustainably to see how you can start caring for creation through everyday actions.