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Help Us Support 4,500 Farmers Restoring Creation

September 23, 2019

This Giving Tuesday, we’re loving God by loving Creation

One thing we hold in high value at Plant With Purpose is our identity as a Christian environmental organization. We believe that our environmental care truly is an act of worship. By being caretakers of creation, we are brought back to our original role given in the Garden of Eden.

Being people of faith and hope takes on an interesting dynamic in the realm of environmental care. For many, conversations about the state of the planet are not full of hope. For us, however, the planet has hope, even in its hardest places. 

As Phileena Heurtz puts it, “What I've found is that through contemplation, we can enter in to the life of God that is involved on our planet. It's the difference between thinking it's up to us and learning how to partner with the Creator who cares more than we do.”

We believe that God created all things to be in a harmonious relationship. That includes people with the Creator, people with each other, and people with creation.

All these relationships are interlinked, meaning strengthening one typically has a positive effect on the others. We believe participating in God’s redemptive work includes restoring these relationships.

Farmers are embracing their roles as caretakers of creation

Farmers are embracing their roles as caretakers of creation

This Giving Tuesday, we’re doing this by equipping 4,500 farmers

We believe that God’s love is redemptive. It is also inviting. It doesn’t just restore us and move on. Then it invites us to be part of broader restoration. It invites us to invite others.

Rural farmers across environmentally exploited nations are in a unique position to help restore creation. They are the most affected by climate and deforestation and other ecological issues, however they have the ability to implement reforestation and sustainable practices at a grand level. We like to say that they are the frontlines of our ecological moment.

Empowering them to practice sustainable farming, better agriculture, and reforestation helps heal the land. It also helps improve their lives through healthier living conditions and increased food security.

We believe that by empowering them through sustainability, we can love our neighbors and love creation at the same time. Ultimately, we can do so as a way of expressing our love for God.

That’s why our Giving Tuesday campaign is focused on equipping 4500 new farmers to be a part of restoration. We believe this can embody the belief of Loving God by Loving Creation and everybody can be a part of it.

Our model addresses spiritual and environmental needs

Our model addresses spiritual and environmental needs

Here’s how we plan to do this:

Our program is designed to equip rural farmers with sustainable agricultural skills- techniques like mulching, composting, or double-dug garden beds that increase crop yields and benefit the earth long term. We do this through a lens of creation care, so farmers understand their God-given purpose in their daily work.

This is why we deliberately pair our environmental restoration efforts with spiritual renewal activities. In communities that greatly value spiritual beliefs , this means that faith strengthens environmental care while restoring nature also helps one’s appreciation grow towards God.

The cost of helping a single individual participate in our program is $22. The cost of a typical-sized family in the eight countries where we work is $130. You can give these amounts, or any other amount below towards the campaign.

In addition, a donor will match every gift! So if you give to help one farmer, two will actually benefit. If you give to help two families, four will reap the reward.

These gifts will help restore lands and livelihoods across the world, from the forests of the Congo to the hills of Haiti. As we see creation restored to what God intended, our hearts will grow towards worship.

To give to our Giving Tuesday campaign, simply follow one of the links below!

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