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Magreth, Tanzania: "Education is a beacon of hope to other women"

Magreth is the wife of Stephano and the devoted mother of six children in the Saseni watershed of Tanzania. She works in agriculture, which serves as her family's primary source of income. For several years, she has actively participated in a Purpose Group to help her children gain an education in Tanzania.

Despite agriculture being the longstanding backbone of her and her family, they faced many challenges as traditional farming methods led to consistently low harvests. They earned insufficient income, which in turn left them lacking in essential household needs. Additionally, the financial strain extended to difficulties in meeting the payment of her children's school fees.

Magreth explained, “As a parent, I had to provide everything for the children, paying school fees and managing daily expenses. With no extra source of income or a way to get a loan, it was a struggle. Our oldest child even thought of postponing his university studies. Life was tough, and there was no sign of a better future.

“I also observed society, and my worries about my children’s future increased. It's painful to witness some young people here getting involved in behaviors like alcoholism, marijuana smoking, and other negative activities. I was afraid for their well-being, even though some children are already adults. I still have my concerns!”

A significant turning point occurred in Magreth and her family when she discovered her Purpose Group. A Plant With Purpose facilitator went door-to-door to raise awareness about the organization. This led her to join the Purpose Group formed in her village.

Magreth recalls, "My husband encouraged me to join the group and was ready to support me in buying shares so I was not worried. I started buying shares aiming to bring changes to my family and creating a pathway for other children's education in Tanzania. It was through the group that I learned about saving, lending, entrepreneurship, and other valuable skills.

“Thanks to training, I decided to turn one of our farms into a woodlot and initiate a beekeeping project to generate extra income that will help us with school costs for other children. With low-interest loans that are offered in the group, I also took a loan that helped me launch a small business selling vegetables and clothes that improve our finances.”

education in Tanzania

“With God's blessing, the business is going well. Due to the long distances my children had to walk, I decided to transfer the children to boarding schools. This provides them with an environment where they can better focus on their studies. This is the most significant investment I've made in my children's education. I believe it's the most valuable capital I can offer them.

“My life and family has undergone significant change. We are an inspiration to other women in the village as some of them joined Purpose Groups.”

Magreth concludes, “My children’s achievements academically have inspired many people in the village as they ask for the secret of these achievements, and it acts as a beacon of hope to other women. Every day I remind my children to take seriously the knowledge and skills they acquire.”

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Plant With Purpose seeks to restore hope by reversing two of the world’s greatest challenges: global poverty and environmental damage. These problems are interconnected.

Our goal is to see creation’s life-giving regenerative cycles restored and people renewed through their relationship to God, living in healthy sufficiency and empowered to dream.

We operate in eight countries around the world. Our international work is 100% locally-led, with global offices operating both as independent agencies within their country, and alliance partners with Plant With Purpose U.S., which supports their ongoing work.

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