Bob, Technical Director of Plant With Purpose
Bob Morikawa
Senior Director Innovation Lab

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Bob Morikawa serves as the Director of International Programs for Plant With Purpose. What exactly does that mean? Well, Bob works remotely from Canada and travels to our field partners to facilitate the innovation of new Plant With Purpose programs and promote technical innovation amongst field staff and farmers.

Bob joined the Plant With Purpose team in 1997 with a Master of Science in Forest Genetics from Michigan State and a Bachelor of Crop Science from the University of Guelph. Bob has worked in agriculture and biological sciences at the university, private sector, as well as nonprofit levels. He has counted and personally planted many thousands of trees and enjoys traveling to our field programs to work with our partners, the land, and farmers. Bob frequently buys green coffee from Plant With Purpose farmers and roasts it at home. As he says, “It’s more economical, more fun, and really, the best coffee ever.”