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April 17, 2018

You may have noticed we’ve got a new look.

If you’re reading this post, you are most likely on the new

This month, we re-launched our digital home. Our new look is meant to bring you closer to our programs all around the world. We believe strongly in the work we do, and we wanted to make it easier to see how poverty and deforestation are coming to an end in communities all around the world.

Our team values continual improvement, learning, and innovation. Whether we’re at a farmer field school in Tanzania, or behind a desk in San Diego, we seek to implement these values. This intention led us to the process of redesigning the site.

We considered what brings visitors to our site and how we could best serve them. As we thought about our partners, we asked ourselves how we could tell their stories in ways that honored their experiences. We thought about how we could share our impact in a striking way. We wanted our numbers to communicate this truth: poverty and deforestation can be drastically reduced.

That led us to the site that you see now. We wanted a site that featured vivid imagery of the watersheds where our partners live. We wanted better opportunities to share stories full of transformation in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Our aim was to clearly share the heart behind our work.

We hope that this site serves you well and gives you a clearer picture of the challenges that our partners overcome every day.

Whether through written stories or photographs, we want to capture our partners' God-given dignity.

Whether through written stories or photographs, we want to capture our partners' God-given dignity.

Our website redesign is more than just a facelift.

We didn’t just want a new website for the sake of looking good- (though, to be honest, we think it is a good looking site.) We wanted a better platform to bring our partners’ stories to life and to show how they demonstrate global realities.

You’ll discover that our site consists of the following sections:

Our Work

This section takes a closer look at the global challenges of deforestation, environmental degradation, poverty, and spiritual hunger. You’ll find opportunities to learn more about our approach through reforestation, sustainable agriculture, savings groups, and spiritual renewal. You’ll also be able to learn more about our work in each country where we operate, and the unique challenges each one faces.

About Us

This section gives you a chance to learn more about us as an organization. Here you’ll see the latest numbers about the impact you create through your support. You’ll find all our financial information.

Get Involved

This section allows you to come alongside us through a number of ways. If you’re looking to make a long-term impact, you can become a Purpose Partner to support our work on a monthly basis. If you’re a church leader, you can discover opportunities for church partnerships. Brands can discover opportunities to become a corporate partner.

Donate & Fundraise

Of course, all our work is funded through the generosity of donors. We wanted to make this process as painless as possible through an easy to use donation form!

We celebrate alongside our partners as they overcome challenging situations.

We celebrate alongside our partners as they overcome challenging situations.

This site is an instrument to tell our partners’ stories with dignity.

We embrace every opportunity to serve our partners, and that includes the role that online materials have to play. We do it because we aren’t just sharing quotes and photographs, we’re reflecting the image of God.

The charitable world has a dangerous tendency to turn people into projects. It’s easy to get so caught up in certain outcomes that we lose sight of the humanity of those we want to help. It is inaccurate and harmful when we only see people through their needs.

One way to avoid this snare is to practice ethical storytelling–sharing partner stories in ways that represent people holistically, whether that’s through written blog posts, video content, or empowering photography.

We believe our new site accomplishes what it set out to do. We’re also excited for opportunities to continue making our digital presence stronger in order to better equip you to empower communities around the world.

We definitely encourage exploring and sharing any of our digital materials. Thank you for your support. Are you interested in contributing towards our impact regularly? Consider becoming a Purpose Partner! The stories we share exist because of a generous community of people committed to giving $99 a month. Learn more about how to join here.

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