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Plant With Purpose statement on West Virginia vs. EPA

July 12, 2022

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in West Virginia vs. EPA to limit the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to prevent uncontrolled greenhouse gases from the power sector. We recognize that the effects of those emissions go beyond any one state or nation and have a harmful impact on our planet, including its most vulnerable communities, such as our partner families who are farming already difficult land.

We express disappointment, but not defeat. We encourage all Americans to understand the full extent of the ruling, its impacts, and its limitations. We must continually look for all opportunities to love our neighbors through caring for our planet and work towards the necessary changes at all levels- societal, economic, philanthropic, cultural, as well as political.

As citizens, we have the opportunity to shape our country's policies on environmental issues and the epa.  As followers of Christ, we have a moral obligation to apply our influence to serve our most vulnerable communities and consider the needs of future generations in addition to our own. This is one way that we can love our neighbor and faithfully represent the Kingdom of God here on Earth. We must continue to act with boldness, urgency, and love.

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