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The reason we love Purpose Partners

October 2, 2018

Purpose Partners make our world go around

If you don’t know what it means to be a Purpose Partner, well, hopefully you’re new to Plant With Purpose because we like to talk about our Purpose Partners a lot. We celebrate them.

Purpose Partners are the reason:

  • Our partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo were able to save $10,000 in equity over the past three months
  • 10 million trees have been planted in Tanzania
  • People like Isaias and Eduardo were able to end the food insecurity that threatened their community

Purpose Partners are members of our monthly giving community. There are a lot of things you can subscribe to every month, from Netflix to a monthly shipment of Japanese junk food. But Purpose Partners are subscribed to making a difference in the world.

We celebrate alongside our partners as they overcome challenging situations.

We celebrate alongside our partners as they overcome challenging situations.

Purpose Partners create lasting change

Purpose Partners believe that the way to make change is to address problems by their root causes. They understand that problems like environmental threats and global poverty are deeply interlinked, and they stem from a spiritual desperation. They realize that this is from a broken relationship with creation and seek to restore this relationship.

Purpose Partners rush in to serve the most vulnerable, working from the ground up. They understand that this isn’t a matter of pity or guilt, it’s all about sharing the process of restoration and redemption.

Purpose Partners reject the myth of us versus them. They know that the earth is simply our common home. This is where our pursuit of purpose intersects with our pursuit to serve others.

Members of our Tanzania team meet at a field office

Members of our Tanzania team meet at a field office

Purpose Partners allow our international team to plan effectively and to dream big

Being able to anticipate a reliable and consistent amount of support each month goes a long way to improve our processes. As a result, our team can make better plans, reducing the amount of time and money it takes to serve each community member. Our team can be strategic in selecting which areas we work in, seeing as geographic focus and saturation make a big difference in environmental restoration. Our team can know when to open new Plant With Purpose groups, how to plan ahead for the graduation of existing groups, and how to further spread our mission to areas where the need is great.

This, in turn, allows our participants to dream big. Oaxacan residents can abandon their plans to migrate north and instead dream of pine-covered landscapes. Former soldiers in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo can finally dream of a more lasting stability and unity. Refugee mothers in Thailand can also dream of passing on a better life to their children.

As you’ve gathered, we love Purpose Partners. Their support creates lasting change and sustainable empowerment, bringing hope into poor, rural areas. We aren’t done and there is further work left ahead. If you are a Purpose Partner, thank you so much for your support. If you aren’t yet, we need you with us. Follow the link here to see how you can sign up to help.

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