In a moment of crisis, readiness and resilience save lives.

We are raising $400,000 to equip our partnering communities for COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across international boundaries, Plant With Purpose immediately considered the impact the virus could have on the communities where we work. At the moment, there are no known cases in these communities, but we are aware of how quickly that could change in devastating ways.


Members of rural communities frequently have underlying health conditions that are often related to environmental factors. Furthermore, medical care that can cope with an outbreak in a rural community is often nonexistent. Even in the most optimistic of scenarios, our partners will be impacted in some way, if not by the virus directly, then by the economic impact.


We don’t yet know when the virus will reach our partner communities or how severe it may be. But we know that as this pandemic progresses our partner families will need some extra help.

We hope that there will be no need to execute a strong relief program, and that we could instead focus on economic recovery and resilience. We have assembled this COVID-19 Readiness and Resilience Fund so that we will be ready to act on a moment’s notice for any scenario.

This includes cases where our partners are mostly impacted by the economic disruption, which seems inevitable, to cases where outbreaks occur in our communities, which we hope and pray against. The chart below outlines potential scenarios and how Plant With Purpose plans to respond.

About the Readiness and Resilience Fund

Because the road ahead is full of uncertainty, we need to be prepared for multiple scenarios and to be ready to act quickly. In order to do so, we are building a Readiness and Resilience Fund.

Many of the communities where we work experience regular natural disasters and political turmoil, and we’ve always worked to make sure our partners could withstand such a crisis. While we aren’t a healthcare organization, our work throughout the years has helped make communities better situated for a public health emergency as well.

We hope for the best but prepare for every scenario.

Your support will enable us to help keep our partners safe and resilient. If you are in a position to help support, click the button below.



How has Plant With Purpose’s prior work better prepared communities for the impact of COVID-19?

We regularly encourage our participants to build savings. Many have accumulated 2.5 months worth of financial savings that will provide security at this time. Participants have also developed agricultural skills that can help them grow food to provide adequate nutrition from their own homes. Our work has resulted in improved access to clean water and enhanced nutrition.


How does the rural setting of Plant With Purpose communities affect their vulnerability to the disease?

In some ways it is a defense and in other ways it is a risk. Many of the communities where Plant With Purpose works are in extremely remote locations. In some cases, a journey to a participating village may take a lengthy drive followed by a long walk. At the moment, this remoteness serves as a barrier of defense.

However, these communities lack access to medical care. Village settings may make it very tough for families to isolate sick members.


How will the Readiness and Resilience Fund be similar or different than Plant With Purpose’s usual efforts?


The Readiness and Resilience Fund is a contingency fund, which means it will be designated with the flexibility needed to deploy it based on the needs that emerge in the months ahead. In one scenario, it may be used up by relief and emergency efforts. In another, it may fund our core program that addresses issues like food security and economic challenges. These problems will most likely be exacerbated by the pandemic. These activities may be bolstered by activities like Cash For Work programs and special rapid-growth farming initiatives.

Some fine print

Funds given to this campaign will be used to assist the economic, social, and environmental recovery resulting from the spread of COVID 19. We reserve the right to adapt our response in this case to the needs that arise, based on our expertise in community development and our strong knowledge of the local context.

We are already taking measures to help prevent the spread of the virus in our communities. We will continue to roll out preventative measures as the situation changes and will use this fund to help support those measures.

If the virus directly hits one of our communities and causes major economic repercussions, we will likely use some or all of these funds for emergency response. In past emergencies, we have found that food for work or cash for work that pairs immediate relief (the cash or food portion) with strategic improvements to the local environment (building soil erosion barriers, etc) is our preferred means of providing relief.

If the virus does not directly hit one of our communities, it is still likely (and is already observed) that there will be economic challenges that result from the necessary prevention measures. In this good case scenario, we will use the proceeds of this fund for economic development and environmental restoration that assist the recovery in these communities.

Since the economic impact of prevention measures is already felt by our communities, it is highly unlikely that there will be little to no impact from the virus. However, if Plant With Purpose’s response work costs less than the funds received in this fund, all remaining proceeds will be used for planned economic development and environmental restoration work in our partner communities.

We will communicate to all donors who have paid into this fund about what work has been done with the funding, how the situation is changing and adapting, and any changes that need to be made to the funds within the COVID 19 Readiness and Resilience Fund. If you have any questions, feedback, or changes to the terms of your donation, please reach out to your representative or contact [email protected]


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