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Remember the Wonder of Creation

February 23, 2019

God created the earth and declared it good.

And it truly is good.

If you’ve ever found yourself amazed by the beauty of a National Forest, reenergized by a weekend spent hiking, or surprised by how intricately the human body is designed, it's hard to disagree.

That’s not to say that the earth doesn’t still face challenges. Beauty is often accompanied by vulnerability, and our appreciation for the earth comes with a call to protect it. Environmental degradation makes that call increasingly urgent, but we can protect our planet more effectively when we remember why those efforts are worth it.

Because God made it and declared it good.

It can be easy for us, at times, to forget just how good it is. The busyness of life may dull our senses to the beauty that surrounds us at any given moment. The strength of oceans and rivers that nourish our ecosystems. The microorganisms that form their own complex worlds beneath our soil. The smell of pines outside our windows.

Fred Rogers called appreciation a holy act. When you deeply admire a created thing, your love extends toward its Creator.

Modern living brings us many conveniences, but we shouldn’t let it steal our wonder.

An elephant in Tanzania

An elephant in Tanzania

If God took the time to appreciate His creation, why shouldn’t we?

Think about this for a second. During the impressive task of creating the entire universe, God took a moment to appreciate the beauty of each created thing.

It is good, He declared.

It’s still good.

This spring, as new life emerges and the air starts to warm, we invite you to reconnect with the Wonder of Creation. From the slopes of Kilimanjaro, to the migrating birds overhead, to the soil in your own backyard and the breath in your lungs, everything points back to the Creator.

To help, we’re offering you five audio devotionals to download, which invite you to meditate on the beauty of creation and to draw closer to God through the practice of wonder. We encourage you to grab a pair of headphones and head outside as you reflect.

We’ll also offer you the chance to support creation care by donating to help rural communities reverse environmental degradation around the globe. When you give on Earth Week, every donation will be matched to double your impact.

We hope this invitation to reawaken wonder is an encouragement to you. Find devotional downloads and giving link below.

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