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Trees give shade, Shade gives trees

Plant With Purpose has had the privilege of collaborating with many unique corporate partners over the years. The wide variety of corporate partners has reminded us that sustainability is for everybody. This month, we’re happy to feature one of our long-time, creative corporate partners as our Supporter of the Month. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, discover Shade Hotel.

Our partnerships act as an engaging way for Plant With Purpose supporters to establish a connection with our transformational work, while also valuing and promoting local businesses that our organization trusts and supports.

Shade Hotel, best known simply as Shade, is one such corporate partner using their resources to promote the work of Plant With Purpose. 

Although, at first glance, a luxury boutique hotel may seem to be an unlikely partner, Shade has found numerous innovative platforms to share our partners’ stories of empowerment, all while promoting our tree planting efforts and taking a “green” approach to hospitality management.


Shade Hotel has locations in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

Shade Hotel has locations in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

Shade stands out in the hospitality industry.

With two locations in California, one in Manhattan Beach and another in Redondo Beach, Shade is not only serving a large population, but is also in one of the most competitive industries in Los Angeles—hospitality. 

They set themselves apart in this industry through excellent service and their commitment to sustainability. Their focus on removing single-use items and conserving energy make them an ideal match to collaborate with Plant With Purpose.

We are proud to partner alongside a company that promotes a local mentality of sustainability within a city producing some of the largest amounts of waste in the world.

Likewise, Jeffrey Modaff, General Manager of Shade Manhattan Beach, is eager to provide a platform for guests to support an international development organization. Modaff says, “I’ve seen a lot of programs like this, which are aimed at minimizing housekeeping, but not a whole lot that give back globally to other nations and peoples, and really give us the ability to provide outreach.”

When guests turn down housekeeping, Shade plants a tree!

When guests turn down housekeeping, Shade plants a tree!

Guests can get in on the action.

Guests are encouraged to support Plant With Purpose by placing door hangers outside their rooms and foregoing cleaning services. Every night that a guest places a Plant With Purpose “Trees give shade. Shade gives trees.” door hanger outside their room, Shade plants one tree in their honor. As a thank you, guests receive a “Give Shade” cocktail chip to redeem at Shade’s onsite restaurant and bar.

When guests buy a “Give Shade” cocktail at Zinc or Sea Level, Shade generously plants another tree.

Shade owner, Michael Zislis, has great enthusiasm about this model for hotels. “It’s been a win-win for both parties,” he says. Zislis believes this model provides positive exposure and impact. “I think the concept is so solid that we should take it nationally to hotels all around the United States. I would put out a mandate for you guys to find another thousand hotels. "

"Think about how many villages we can help and how much we can help the environment!” he exclaims.

Whether you’re a boutique hotel, a tree nursery, or a performing artist, there are ways for you to help! Learn more about corporate partnerships to get yours started today.

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