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The Spiritual Roots: What Makes our Giving Tuesday Campaign a little different

September 23, 2019

We believe in looking at root causes- including spiritual roots

As an organization, we’ve long held the belief that in order to solve big problems, you need to look at root causes. A lot of energy is spent treating the symptoms of problems rather than the actual problems themselves. If some of this energy were to be rerouted, people would be capable of making a much bigger impact.

Furthermore, we believe that most physical problems are manifestations of deeper spiritual issues. We think that this definitely applies to our current ecological crisis. The way we often mistreat our environment is the result of a broken relationship between people and creation.

In fact, the first invitation God gives people after the invitation to live, is to protect and to serve the planet. To be caretakers of the diverse array of other living things on the planet. In short, we haven’t always lived up to this.

That’s why our efforts to restore the planet have always been rooted in spiritual renewal. As we promote sustainable agriculture and environmental restoration around the world, we also promote it from the vantage point of spiritual growth.

We see that as rural communities grow spiritually, they become better advocates and protectors of their environmental spaces. Their love for the planet becomes an extension of their love for God.

Plant With Purpose partners with churches around the planet

Plant With Purpose partners with churches around the planet.

This Giving Tuesday, we’re honing in on our spiritual focus

The spiritual aspect of our restorative mission is the piece that makes all the difference. It’s also often the hardest component to talk about. Many people are unaccustomed to making the connection between environmental action and spiritual beliefs.

We believe that our environmental practices can and should be an extension of our beliefs about God. Be believe that this can be true whether we’re farming in Burundi or developing software in Boston.

But we also believe it’s important to constantly emphasize how connected the planet’s health is to our spiritual health. Throughout scripture, the physical appearance of a land’s health is often dynamically related to the spiritual climate of a group of people. We believe that at a global scale, much of the planet’s ecological suffering stems from spiritual brokenness.

On the other side, however, we believe that spiritual renewal can drive environmental restoration at a grand scale. As more eyes are opened to the intersection of faith and sustainability, we believe people will discover a greater motivation to make the necessary changes to protect our planet. These motivators include love and obedience.

So this Giving Tuesday, we’re taking a closer look at our Spiritual Renewal programs. The integration of environmental restoration with spiritual growth in each of the areas we work has been key to lasting and holistic transformation.

Saplings in a nursery in Haiti.

Saplings in a nursery in Haiti.

Here’s a preview of our Giving Tuesday campaign:

This Giving Tuesday, we’re inviting you to help 820 farming families participate in our spiritual renewal activities- along with the rest of our program.

The cost of helping a single individual participate in our program is $22. The cost of a typical-sized family in the eight countries where we work is $122.

In addition, a few generous donors are matching every gift! So if you give to help one farmer, two will actually benefit. If you give to help two families, four will reap the reward.

Participants will learn how their daily vocation as a farmer fits in with God’s Theology of Work. They will practice “Farming God’s Way,” a curriculum designed to highlight how Biblical principles apply to caring for the Earth.

God’s vision for redemption includes all of creation, and we get to be a part of that. We are excited to invite you to participate in our Giving Tuesday campaign through giving.

To give to our Giving Tuesday campaign, simply follow this link!

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