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It Threatens the Most Vulnerable

The impact of climate change and degradation is not felt evenly. Environmental degradation is a cruel phenomenon. It has the harshest effect on people who already suffer a great deal: the world’s poor. Especially the rural poor. While most common images of poverty depict something urban, poverty is mostly rural. Among those who live in […]
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Empowering women across the globe

Integrating sustainability and development provides many benefits to female farmers Plant With Purpose is deeply committed to addressing the root causes behind poverty and environmental degradation. An amazing thing about addressing root causes is discovering how they affect so many issues. Take, for example, women’s empowerment. Gender based inequality may be the world’s oldest human […]
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Ross Boone: a Picture of the Invisible

Meet Ross Boone AKA Raw Spoon This month we’re teaming up with Ross Boone, an Atlanta-based artist and illustrator. We’re also featuring him as our Supporter of the Month! Raw Spoon is Ross Boone’s artist name- and if you’re not sure why, then try reading that sentence out loud. His work uses the gentleness and […]
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The Way of the Problem Solver

"We will be known by the problems we solve,” says Jeff Shinabarger, the founder of Plywood Presents. Plywood Presents was a gathering of nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and purpose driven creatives in Atlanta that our team had the opportunity to attend. The gathering’s strong focus on solving the problems that face our world instantly resonated […]
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