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We're Resurrection People, After All!

The following is a letter from our Creative Director, Philippe Lazaro, on what happens when a global pandemic runs into Easter- a day where we celebrate resurrection. What a month it’s been. To echo a Tweet by Andy Crouch I read, “Honestly, I hadn’t planned on giving up this much for Lent.” There’s something oddly […]
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Restoring civility is a necessary step towards sustainability

A divisive social climate contributes to an unsustainable global climate It’s a presidential election year in the United States, and unsurprisingly political tensions and anxieties run high. There has been no shortage of words about the way our world is extremely polarized and divided. Spend more than a small amount of time online, and you’ll […]
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Faith, culture, and identity shape environmental efforts around the planet

What moves people to actually care for the environment at a local level? Duang Dee lives in Thailand, though he himself is Karen. The Karen are an ethinic group in Southeast Asia that do not have their own formal country. Instead, they live between Thailand and Myanmar. Historically, the areas of northern Myanmar have been […]
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