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god teaches us through nature


I’m concerned about climate. Why should I support a Christian environmental organization?

“The faithful have a long tradition of ministering to and seeking justice for the most vulnerable and providing the action we need to achieve a just and healthy world. As such, the faithful are leading on climate solutions today.” –Kara Ball, Blessed Tomorrow Plant With Purpose is a Christian environmental organization. It’s a key part […]
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Eco-Discipleship: How God calls us to learn from nature

We often overlook the way nature teaches us about God It’s not uncommon to hear people explain how a little time in nature helps people feel closer to God. But the idea of spending time in nature as a spiritual discipline can still be startling for many people. “I used to laugh at people who […]
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Generosity and partnership make all the difference

Our work over the past year is a testament to your contribution. Plant With Purpose has just unveiled the fiscal year 2019 edition of its Annual Report. The report is a summary of program results, successes, and outputs over the past fiscal year. As a publication, it serves as a measuring stick of outcomes, a […]
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