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7 Biodiversity Hotspots You Should Know

First of all, what is a biodiversity hotspot? You might guess by the name that it’s a place on earth where biodiversity is either abundant or threatened. In fact, both are correct. To be a biodiversity hotspot, a location must meet two criteria: You cannot find half a percent of its plant life or 1,500 […]
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Fighting environmental injustice from California to Guatemala

This summer, Plant With Purpose has had the treat of having a team of highly skilled and mindful interns around our San Diego office. These interns bring with them unique perspectives and rich experiences. Our Communications Intern, Caillie, was drawn to Plant With Purpose by her concern for some of the most vulnerable communities. This […]
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The people behind the purpose: Sophie

One of the most exciting things that comes with growth for Plant With Purpose is adding new people to the team. Recently, Sophie Casmano joined our team to help strengthen our fundraising efforts. Sophie brings a passion for sustainability and some impressive baking skills to our San Diego office. We took the time to ask […]
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