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The only nail polish I use is dirt

Fefela stands out in her community for her hard work and dedication to restoration. In fact, Fefela might never sit down. During our team’s visit to her community of Los Piños, she was up and moving the entire time, making sure that everything was running smoothly. The community of Los Piños in the Dominican Republic […]
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God is very much alive

Has God ever felt quiet to you? God is always present and near. But that doesn’t mean it always feels that way. Throughout the course of one’s lifetime, there may be long stretches of silence and seasons that feel unusually dry. Sometimes, our relationship with God can feel like going on a long road trip […]
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Love, Hope, and Chocolate

The start of something sweet Juan urged us to come a little bit closer to look at what was growing on some of the trees on his farm. A team from Plant With Purpose was visiting Juan and some of his neighbors in his community in the Dominican Republic. For years, Plant With Purpose had […]
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A new outlook- and a new look- in La Represa

In the central hills of the Dominican Republic sits a community that has been part of the Plant With Purpose family for many years. La Represa has become an exciting example of what kind of change is possible when we invest in holistic change. Once they faced a situation familiar to many in the rural […]
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