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Farmer Field Schools: The Sack Garden

At Plant With Purpose, we aim to equip rural farmers with sustainable agriculture skills. These skills help them become resilient against hunger and environmental problems. One challenge in Tanzania is the lack of space for farming activities on many people’s property. A solution is the creation of sack gardens. Here’s how these gardens in large […]
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The Power of Investing in Mothers

What changes when you invest in mothers? Mothers are a major part of any family. Whether it be a working mother of two or a stay at home mom, the mothers in our lives have helped shape us. The title of ‘mother’ is not a light load. Mothers are some of the best workers, multi-taskers, […]
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Not Just Fruit, but a Future

Finding Hope and a Future In a country long ridden with war and conflict, people are looking for change and hope. Due to this, communities in Burundi have come together to promote peace, growth, and empowerment. Many of these communities have partnered with Plant With Purpose. Now one of our partnering communities, the Muvumu community […]
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