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Worthwhile questions to ask about the things around us

Part of living a more sustainable lifestyle includes rethinking our relationship with the physical world. Sometimes that means reconsidering the importance of the forests in Ethiopia, or the trees in our own neighborhood. Other times, it means reconsidering the physical objects in front of us- our drinkware, the clothes on our back, or the electronics […]
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Is This Sustainable or Is This Just Marketing?

What happens when the line gets blurry between sustainability and marketing? Over the past decade, clothing giant H&M has received much criticism for the company’s environmental impact and the working conditions of its manufacturers. After the fatal collapse of a factory in Bangladesh killed 1138 workers in 2013, H&M became the first and largest brand […]
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The environment and human health

In many ways, the effects that the environment has on human health seem a little obvious. Still, there is a variety of different ways to think about their relationship that all underscore its importance. Here are some of those ways. Biodiversity helps support resilience and nutrition. A lack of biodiversity results in the loss of […]
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