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Empowering women across the globe

Integrating sustainability and development provides many benefits to female farmers Plant With Purpose is deeply committed to addressing the root causes behind poverty and environmental degradation. An amazing thing about addressing root causes is discovering how they affect so many issues. Take, for example, women’s empowerment. Gender based inequality may be the world’s oldest human […]
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Global change requires empowering locals

Solutions that really last are the ones driven by locals. When people are full-fledged participants in the process, lasting change begins. There are many cases where an organization or think-tank enters a village with a technology-driven innovation that seems guaranteed to eradicate disease, prevent droughts, or halt poverty. The local community, however, doesn't always embrace […]
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One of the hardest working people you'll ever meet

Emma provides the world with a valuable crop - coffee. As a farmer in Tanzania, she produces between 300,000 and 400,000 vegetables each week. Emma works extremely hard, digging trenches and harvesting her crops by hand. Chief among her crops is one that millions of people around the world find extremely valuable– coffee. Coffee is […]
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