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Azina: "I no longer had the fear of trying"

March 15, 2023

Azina joined a group called Plant With Purpose five years ago because her neighbor in the Saseni Watershed of Tanzania convinced her to because Tanzania poverty offers very few options. Her neighbor explained that the group manages their money well with the help of Plant With Purpose staff and Facilitators. Azina was impressed and believed that she could also join and be successful.

“Before I partnered with Plant With Purpose,” she explains, “I was part of another group for two years. Unfortunately, the management was terrible, and there were conflicts that led to me losing all my savings. It was a difficult and hopeless time, and I wasn't sure what the next ten minutes would bring or where I could find refuge. My children depended on me during this period, and it felt like success was just a dream. After losing everything in that group, I was afraid to try again and worried that all my hard work would never pay off.

But then in 2015, my neighbor told me about Plant With Purpose, and I decided to give it a chance. At first, I was worried about the safety of my money and if I would be able to get my shares weekly. However, I was motivated by the group members and found the courage to continue. I managed to save enough for 1 or 2 shares.”

During her time in the Plant With Purpose Group, she and the other members learned about the importance of saving money, loan management, and the group's bylaws. They received training from Plant With Purpose facilitators who also taught them about sustainable agriculture techniques. They learned how to prepare natural medicines, make compost manure, and use natural boosters, understanding how essential these technologies are for agricultural activities. As a result, she felt empowered and optimistic about her financial future, knowing that she had the support of her Purpose Group and the knowledge to achieve her goals.

tanzania poverty can be overcome

“Thanks to the knowledge we gained, I felt empowered and optimistic about my financial future. I no longer had the fear of trying, and I knew that I could achieve my goals with the support of my Purpose Group.”

“The first time I took out a loan with my Purpose Group, I used it to buy ginger seeds, livestock manure, and some corn and bean seeds. The price of ginger dropped that season, but I waited for it to go back up and sold my harvest at a good price. Thanks to the post-harvest and business training I received from Plant With Purpose, I was able to study the market and make smart decisions.

After paying off my first loan, I took out another one and used it, along with the money I earned from selling my ginger, to buy a plot of land where I built my own house. This loan completely changed my life, giving me the courage to keep fighting for my dreams. God is good!”

Azina is thankful to the Plant With Purpose team in Tanzania and her Purpose Group for teaching her how to be financially independent which is the first step out of Tanzania poverty. She feels blessed that God has given her a second chance at life through the Purpose Group. Azina is also actively involved in environmental restoration initiatives. Her next goal is to set up an avocado tree nursery as a way to heal the land and help the community.

I'm grateful to Plant With Purpose for giving me the knowledge and tools to become financially independent. Before joining the group, I could only manage to get 1 or 2 meals per day. But now, I sell food products from my farm and other farmers, and I can get three meals per day. My daughter is studying at VETA technical college, and I'm building my own house with three rooms and a seating area. I've also increased the capital of my farm, and I can cultivate and buy ginger. Even though I'm still taking loans from the group, I make sure to return them on time and with honesty.

My long-term goal is to start processing and selling ginger products, and to engage in agriculture using compost and natural medicines.

I want to give a word of thanks to Plant With Purpose for their support in healing the land and its people. I encourage my fellow community members to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Plant With Purpose, such as joining Purpose Groups and learning about sustainable agriculture. Let's work together to restore our relationship with God, heal the land and its people, and eradicate Tanzania poverty.

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