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Annah serves as a key link between the San Diego office and programs in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, and DR Congo. She is responsible for ensuring excellent communication in both directions in order for priorities to be clear and to maintain genuine partnerships that flourish. Relationally, Annah works with and alongside the Africa Programs Director and local teams in a spirit of interdependent partnership while ensuring performance and accountability. She is most passionate about being part of a movement that transforms our participants lives, communities, nations and contributes to the global greater good of restoring creation.

Through her M.P.H. studies at University of California, Los Angeles, she served as the team manager in the development of programs to prevent maternal mortality in rural Kenya. After her M.P.H, she went on to serve as the regional program coordinator for Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (now Unbound Uganda). Dr. Amani’s research sought to represent the voice of rural women in Uganda on the vital matter of birthplace choice. After completion of her Ph.D, Annah taught global health and other public health courses as an adjunct lecturer for the Department of Public Health Sciences at Clemson University in South Carolina. In her early childhood, Annah was a child refugee from Uganda to Los Angeles. As a child refugee, Annah was aided by many people and non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International. The refugee experience sparked an interest in doing work that “aided” others in the global community. She is committed to doing progressive work in the fields of health, education, social justice and community development.

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