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Durbel carries out the responsibility of leading the Dominican Republic team toward our mission of community development. His passion is to contribute to the restorative construction of a conscience of stewardship for creation, advancing towards the goal of being better citizens of the world, and affirming their idiosyncrasies as faithful children of God. Durbel has been a consistent part of the  sustained growth of the programs in the Dominican Republic since it began. He has facilitated the acceleration of tree planting, Savings and Loans Group formation, and expansion of partner families. This has meant a quantitative and qualitative increase in staff. 

Durbel was raised in a family of ranchers, and is proficient in and enjoys farming, including plowing with a tractor. He has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Dominican Adventist University, as well as his Masters in Operations Administration, from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. Durbel enjoys walking with his family in nature, in his country or abroad and taking pictures of landscapes. He feels very grateful to God for his wife and children.

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