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Josh Kyallo joined our team as Vice President of International Programs in 2021. With over 28 years of leadership experience in international program development and humanitarian response, Josh possesses a deep understanding of the multidimensional nature of poverty and commitment to the nuance required to create a world free from it. Josh is a servant leader at heart with a wide and far reach, extending his coaching, communication, and experience in management and leadership across cultural, language, and physical boundaries. His fluency in English and Swahili are a huge asset in developing and maintaining relationships with international programs and partners

Born in Kenya, Josh has lived and worked in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Somalia, and the U.S. and has designed and led programs impacting 55+ countries around the world. In 2020, Josh launched Community Rising Africa Network (CRANE) to encourage and promote self-reliance by connecting African innovators with resources and partnerships. He served as founder and managing director by creating sustainable solutions for health, education, poverty alleviation, and development challenges affecting millions of vulnerable populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, Josh lives in San Diego, CA where he enjoys spending time with family and serving in the community. He is a fitness freak who has played competitive soccer and run charity marathons around the globe. He also enjoys hitting the gym regularly,  has been involved in stage theater acting and directing, and is passionate about literature and creative arts.

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