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In the role of the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer for Malawi, Jostino holds the pivotal responsibility of establishing and overseeing our information systems. He believes that a robust information system is the backbone for informed decision-making across all project levels, and is crucial for achieving our project goals. What truly ignites his passion is the process of anchoring the project M&E Framework, collecting and analyzing data, disseminating knowledge to our management at all levels, insightful reporting, and facilitating coordination with all stakeholders.

Jostino holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics, Demography and Mathematics. He has a wealth of experience through his previous work in Project Monitoring and Evaluation. A notable achievement is his establishment of a District Council-Wide M & E System from scratch at Ntchisi District Council. When Jostino is not working, you can find him leading church services, or tending to his livestock.

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