A global impact

Your support creates a lasting impact.

Economic Empowerment


Plant With Purpose families have cut poverty into a third of what it once was.


Female participants are 2.5x more likely to earn income from their crops beyond what is used to feed their families.


Partnering families are 2.5x more likely to send their daughters to secondary school than non-participants.


Plant With Purpose participants are twice as likely to have six months of emergency reserves than non-participants.

Environmental Restoration


Over 32 million trees planted by Plant With Purpose partner communities.


By applying sustainable agriculture techniques, farmers increase crop yields by 44%.


While forest cover is decreasing globally, Plant With Purpose communities see an increase in vegetation.


Crop diversity is strength. Plant With Purpose families are 40% more likely to have diverse farms versus non-participants.

Spiritual Renewal


Plant With Purpose participants report serving their neighbors 20% more than non-participants.


Plant With Purpose offers spiritual renewal to 683 churches in seven countries.
Spiritual Renewal
Deforestation and poverty are two of the world's most pressing issues. We believe that they have their roots in spiritual issues—imbalanced relationships between people and creation, people and each other, and people with God. Restored relationships lead to transformed lives. 

Participating families cut their level of poverty by two thirds.

The Impact