Vision Trips

Vision Trips are designed for active Plant With Purpose supporters. A visit to one of our programs allows you to see the impact you create, and to provide an opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of our program. This short trip includes a visit to partnering communities where you can engage in conversations with people working hard to change their circumstances, explore aspects of our life-changing programs, and ask questions of national staff members.

Trip participants return home with a renewed vision of hope for rural communities and a better understanding of the role they can play in helping to see lives transformed around the world through Plant With Purpose.


Next Steps

Vision trip participants typically become some of our leading advocates and supporters. Many commit to raising at least $5,000 or to becoming lifelong Plant With Purpose advocates. If you are interested in learning more please contact Kirstie Hibbard at

Costs typically run $700 per person, plus airfare. Vision Trips to Africa or Asia will have additional costs.