Yes, each participant must purchase their own airfare.

Primarily transportation, lodging, food, & personnel. Additional activities may be covered. Personal expenses are not covered.

Most of the time you will not need any local currency. Trip costs including food, transportation, and lodging are covered. If your group does any tourist activities, we will try to visit places where you can use a credit card for souvenirs. If you would like to have some cash on hand, please convert less than $50.

Do not drink the tap water. Water served at restaurants is fine to drink (unless you are told otherwise). Bring a reusable water bottle as many of the hotels have drinking water dispensers to refill water bottles. Plant With Purpose staff will also provide bottled water.

Plant With Purpose cannot offer medical advice. Refer trip participants to the Center for Disease Control website and to reach out to their primary care physician.

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: Plant With Purpose’s staff works very hard to create a program built on not giving things away, but empowering individuals to be able to make choices. As Plant With Purpose supporters, we are there to encourage the work they are doing and to be careful of anything that could unintentionally counter the long-term work and ministry of Plant With Purpose. The best gift to leave is relationship. Spend time engaging staff and community members in conversation.

Please refer to the Packing page.