Gift Trees

Plant a seed of remembrance with a gift of tree planting. Your heartfelt gift will not only honor someone special, but also nurture our planet and help rural farming families across the globe for generations to come. Donate today and watch your love grow.
Here at Plant With Purpose, we partner with hundreds of rural communities around the world to plant trees. Together, we are working to end poverty, simultaneously restoring the ecosystems and forests on which these communities rely.

Your gift of planting trees is a living tribute and expression of your care. These trees will be planted by farmers, parents, church leaders, school children, and others who will benefit from their shade and fruit and life-giving power for many years to come.

How can you help plant a tree with just $1?

10¢ helps community members prepare their soil.
60¢ helps grow the trees in a nursery run by locals.
15¢ mobilizes our partners to plant the trees.
15¢ helps with monitoring, maintaining, and reporting.

There are many ways to honor a loved one through the gift of planting trees.

1) Trees are a great sustainable or eco-friendly gift option
2) Trees last longer than flowers
3) Trees are a meaningful gift for the person or family who “already has everything”
After completing the donation, you will be able to send an ecard to your loved one with a custom photo and message.
For over 35 years, Plant With Purpose has empowered local organizations and community leaders to build a localized movement of rural communities who are reforesting and replenishing watersheds around the world. We are planting more than eight million trees each year, now approaching 50 million total trees.

Learn more about our approach to reforestation.