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Hope Restored...

Plant With Purpose restores hope by solving the interconnected problems of rural poverty and environmental damage.

We empower rural farming families to lift themselves out of poverty, restore our degraded environment, and draw closer to God.

At Plant With Purpose, we envision creation restored to the Creator’s sustainable design – People renewed through relationship with God and free to dream; and Earth restored to its natural regenerative cycles.

Plant With Purpose Vision Statement

Plant with Purpose/Floresta is breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and deforestation by transforming it into a victorious cycle of environmental restoration, economic empowerment and spiritual renewal.

Plant With Purpose Mission Statement

Plant With Purpose, a Christian nonprofit organization, reverses deforestation and poverty around the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor.

We do this through:

  • Watershed restoration & regenerative agriculture
  • Savings groups & economic resilience
  • Tree planting/growing & agroforestry
  • Climate mitigation & carbon sequestration
  • Education & advocacy

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