It costs the earth to lose a forest,

but just a dollar to plant a tree!

Plant a tree today and
fight for all creation.

For more than 35 years, Plant With Purpose has partnered with farming communities around the world to reverse poverty and deforestation.
To date, we have planted almost 40 million trees.

We believe that we honor God when we care for people and creation.

"I love Plant With Purpose’s model that’s aimed at helping people solve their own problems. They don’t use money to put band-aids on issues but, rather, to create change that will last."

John D., Donor

Why plant trees?


large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to 4 people.1

1.6 billion

people depend on forests for their livelihood.2

15 billion

trees are cut down every year globally.3

"I've seen hundreds of development projects in 30+ countries, but none of them are as effective as Plant With Purpose, whose whole-community approach results in good forestry practices that bring lasting change."

Terry T., Development Expert

How can you help plant a tree with just $1?



10¢ helps community members prepare their soil.



60¢ helps grow the trees
in a nursery run by locals.



15¢ mobilizes our partners
to plant the trees.



15¢ helps with monitoring, maintaining, and reporting.

Our purpose, our process




We connect U.S. partners to our international partners, empowering them to plant trees together, reverse environmental devastation, and lift global communities out of poverty.

We’d love for you to who’s committed to restoring the environment.

Plant With Purpose is rapidly expanding vital work in eight countries: Haiti, The Dominican Republic, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Thailand.

to plant a tree and help farming communities in these countries go green!

Plant With Purpose works with international partners and networks of local farmers, villagers, and churches who personally lead all reforestation, regenerative farming education, and community and spiritual development. 

We’re thrilled that all efforts are locally led. Your donation helps them stay self-sufficient and sustainable.

By supporting Plant With Purpose, you’ll be addressing the root causes of poverty that affect people in rural areas. We treat poverty, environmental concerns, and spiritual needs as deeply connected issues at the root of many world problems.

Your support will also empower communities to create their own change by investing in local leaders. All our international work is led by independent, in-country partners.

Additionally, what you give will lead to a big payoff. Every $10 invested into our program yields $30–$100 worth of economic growth. So go ahead and to start making a difference!

We’re glad you asked! Every cent of the dollar you donate is allocated to a specific purpose and is fully accounted for. Please read this section to know how $1 is typically used.

Yes, of course! You can donate a higher amount if you’d like. Almost all our donors choose to give more than $1 as their first gift. You can to donate more and scale your impact!

Yes, we’d be happy to accept a recurring donation. Your continued support will help us work steadily toward restoring the environment. All recurring donations are accepted on a monthly basis. 

We’re preparing to plant your trees now! Local farmers will plant 823,174 trees in devastated watershed areas in Tanzania by the end of March 2021. Half of those will be planted between now and the end of the year.

Your gift will make an impact! So go ahead and to get started.

Yes, all donors will receive regular updates via email about the reforestation programs in partnering countries across the world.

"He that plants trees, loves others besides himself."

Thomas Fuller

With great accreditation comes great accountability—to love others, save our planet, and plant with purpose.

It doesn’t cost much to plant a tree. But the legacy you leave is priceless!

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