Plant a Tree for $1

Be the momentum for change.
Start with a tree.
Planting trees restores ecosystems.
Restored ecosystems reduce poverty.
Reduced poverty brings hope.

Over the past 35+ years, we’ve planted over 50 million trees one at a time. We call this approach: Community Designed Restoration. This movement of tree growing is proven effective for long-term ecosystem restoration, benefitting people and planet.
“At a time when the impacts of climate change are making headlines, Plant With Purpose is on the ground with farming communities on the front lines, complementing their existing resources to foster resilience.”
Susan D., Supporter

Why join the Community Designed Restoration movement?

For people & planet
Tree growing is an integral part of a holistic, sustainable environmental restoration and community development strategy, which alleviates poverty long-term.
Locally led
Communities develop tree growing strategies that benefit the people living there. They plant the trees and care for them as they grow.
Protect communities
Trees protect vital community resources like water sources and roads prone to erosion.
Together we can
Climate change seems big. But thousands of communities supported by people like you are bigger.
Reverse poverty
Agroforestry is a method of planting trees on farmland so crops can benefit. Because 85% of people living in poverty around the world rely on agriculture, this increases their income.
Honor the Creator
To steward creation is to honor the Creator. Tree planting is one way to praise God by caring for creation and our neighbors around the world.
"I've seen hundreds of development projects in 30+ countries, but none of them are as effective as Plant With Purpose, whose whole-community approach results in good forestry practices that bring lasting change."
Terry T., Development Expert

How can you help plant a tree with just $1?

10¢ helps community members prepare their soil.
60¢ helps grow the trees in a nursery run by locals.
15¢ mobilizes our partners to plant the trees.
15¢ helps with monitoring, maintaining, and reporting.

Our purpose, our process


"He that plants trees, loves others besides himself."

Thomas Fuller
With great accreditation comes great accountability—
to love others, save our planet, and plant with purpose.
It doesn’t cost much to plant a tree.
But the legacy you leave is priceless!