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February 26, 2019

The 2018 Annual Report is Here

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed the 2018 Annual Report! We can’t wait to share it with you.

The Annual Report includes updates on our program activities, finances, and impact across our eight partnering countries.

But that’s not all.

Our Annual Report is just as much a summary of the work made possible thanks to your support! As the report shows, last year we were able to plant more trees and help more people than ever. This is all thanks to the help you’ve given us, through spreading awareness, donating, fundraising, and volunteering. Consider it a 16-page look at what your investment has accomplished!

Here are a few highlights:

A group of women enjoy each others presence in DR Congo.

A group of women enjoy each other's presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Locals in the DRC are helping displaced families

The opportunity to help other people is a gift, but the gift grows when we see those we helped going on to support others! Such is the case in Kakumba, our first watershed community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Since the beginning of our work in DRC, we’ve seen a 57 percent drop in poverty. Now men and women in Kakumba are offering their support to others.

When hundreds of displaced people from a neighboring area in conflict fled to Kakumba, they were welcomed with open arms. Local pastors took responsibility for housing them in a school, and families made sure they had food and other needs met. This is in a community where very recently, most families were only able to consume one meal per day.

Saplings in a nursery in Haiti.

Saplings in a nursery in Haiti

You helped plant a record amount of trees!

Last year, you helped our friends and partners play 4.6 million trees! Visualize that for a second and imagine the impact those millions of trees will have on the environment in critical areas.

This brings the total number of trees you’ve helped plant to over 27.6 million. It is very likely that by the time you read the Report, a Plant With Purpose member may have planted the 30 millionth tree.

Our programs in Burundi, the Dominican Republic, and Tanzania were all able to plant over a million trees each, and all programs have plans in place to grow more trees and implement practices to protect their survival.

The children of Poblete now look towards a brighter future.

The children of Poblete now look forward to a brighter future.

Empowerment is spreading

One of our most desired outcomes is that people start to feel agency over their own lives. We don’t want our work to leave anybody feeling helpless, but instead to help people find purpose and the confidence that they can create change.

We value this outcome so much that a few years ago we started taking surveys in the communities where we worked, asking people if they felt that they had the power to improve their lives. We found that those who participated in our program were 64 percent more likely to say yes—a substantial increase! This sense of agency is thanks to your investment.

Savings groups address poverty in rural communities

Savings groups address poverty in rural communities.

Even in difficult places, things have changed

Plant With Purpose works in hundreds of communities. All of them have experienced how difficult life can be in rural, under-resourced villages.

In Haiti, hardship is a common experience. Damaged soil, political instability, and a lack of infrastructure have made it very difficult for Haiti’s farming population to earn a living.

In the Annual Report, you’ll hear from Gernita, who explains, “before… I couldn’t reap what I sowed.” But things have changed since she started working with Plant With Purpose. You’ll also hear from her neighbor Dieula, who wishes to thank you in her own words.

Ready to see what your investment has turned into? Follow this link to download the 2018 Annual Report. And to continue creating change on a monthly basis, sign up to become a Purpose Partner.

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