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Agriculture is the backbone of the Malawi economy, with over 80% of the population relying on it for their livelihoods. Unfortunately, environmental issues, including soil degradation and deforestation, have made it increasingly difficult for farmers in Malawi to grow enough food to feed their families and make a living. Because of these increasing environmental concerns, along with high levels of unemployment, low wages, and a lack of access to education and healthcare, most of Malawi’s population live below the poverty line and struggle to meet their basic needs daily. 

Despite these challenges, the people of Malawi have a strong cultural heritage and are known for their warm hospitality and community spirit. Even in the face of adversity, they will still show generosity and kindness to others.

Plant With Purpose in Malawi

As a new Plant With Purpose country partner, work in Malawi is just beginning. Plant With Purpose will begin its work by targeting a few key watersheds in the Vipya Plateau region of northern Malawi because of its steep terrain, deforestation, and level of poverty. Our initial two-year program launch will focus on establishing Purpose Groups and church partnerships. 

Plant With Purpose aims to assist local communities in Malawi to restore the environment and improve their economic stability through regenerative agriculture and community based savings groups. By addressing both environmental and economic issues, Plant With Purpose will support the people of Malawi as they create a brighter future.

Program Launch Objectives

  • Conduct deeper project design analysis.
  • Select target watersheds to launch the program in.
  • Constitute, onboard, and train a fully fledged local board of directors. 
  • Construct the finance, administrative, and human resource operation systems. 
  • Hire core staff to support the country director in the launch and acceleration of this program.

Expand the Work in Malawi

Fun Facts About Malawi

Malawi is known as the "Warm Heart of Africa" due to its friendly and hospitable people.
Lake Malawi, located in the country, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and is home to hundreds of species of fish found nowhere else.
The country is home to several species of primates, including baboons, monkeys, and bushbabies, that are a popular attraction for tourists.
Malawi has a rich cultural heritage, with traditional dances, music, and festivals being an important part of the country's history and identity.
The country is renowned for its beautiful national parks and wildlife reserves, including the Majete Wildlife Reserve, which is home to elephants, lions, and other animals.
Malawi is one of the few countries in the world where it is possible to see the stars during the day, a phenomenon known as the "Baobab Sunset."

Malawi Program Pioneers

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Pat and Shari Ryan, US Partners

Pat and Shari Ryan, US Partners

“After visiting the Plant With Purpose work in Burundi and the Dominican Republic, we are excited about the potential for Plant With Purpose to change lives and share the love of Jesus in Malawi. We are thrilled now to be pioneers with them in this effort. The warmth and openness of the Malawian people, and the foundation now being laid by leadership make this a strategic opportunity. We stand with the people of Malawi and Plant With Purpose as they work together for God's kingdom. We know lives will be changed."

Elizabeth Maneya, Country Director, Malawi

Elizabeth Maneya, Country Director, Malawi

“For the people of Malawi, my dream is to see smiles on their faces and them becoming more resilient. I want them to be prepared for any type of shock, whether they are climatic or economic. By building transferable skills, they can increase their resilience and be able to support their families, send their children to school, and contribute to the nation's resources. My goal is to support every community in becoming self-sufficient, so they can thrive and lead fulfilling lives.”

Jared White, Regional Director, Africa

Jared White, Regional Director, Africa

“We stand on the brink of a new chapter for Malawi, as we prepare to launch a program that will revolutionize lives and allow communities to tackle the pressing challenges of degradation and deforestation in their watersheds. This is an opportunity to bring about lasting change and support the livelihoods and survival of those who call Malawi home.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The communities we aim to work with in Malawi are farming on terrain that is steep and difficult and deforestation is high. With about 80% of the population depending on their own crops for food and income, the need for holistic solutions is great.
First, countries are selected based on an assessment of readiness including the level of poverty, environmental degradation and deforestation, and vulnerability of the people as well as a community’s mutual interest and readiness to work with us. Once a country is finalized, work goes into hiring a country director and board of directors to oversee the program, selecting target watersheds, and establishing a program budget.
Yes, it is relatively safe for our team in Malawi to work. The local leadership plays a key role in keeping a pulse on the security situation and protocols (if needed) to navigate uncertain and/or unstable periods of time.

Our Global Impact


  • 63 Purpose Groups
  • 3,545 People Served
  • 69 Church Partnerships
  • 2,803,997 Trees Planted
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  • 61,618 People Served
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  • 104 Church Partnerships
  • 1,191,044 Trees Planted
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  • 127 Church Partnerships
  • 6,433,828 Trees Planted
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  • 47,920 People Served
  • 92 Church Partnerships
  • 2,940,590 Trees Planted
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  • 39,590 People Served
  • 178 Church Partnerships
  • 18,651,102 Trees Planted
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    Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • 369 Purpose Groups
  • 89,384 People Served
  • 127 Church Partnerships
  • 4,371,540 Trees Planted
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  • 816 Purpose Groups
  • 115,999 People Served
  • 184 Church Partnerships
  • 8,615,842 Trees Planted
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