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Thank you for your interest in Plant With Purpose. We recognize and value what you and/or your organization are doing to improve the lives of people and our world.

Plant With Purpose works in specific watersheds, currently in nine countries around the world. We apply Community Designed Restoration© within Watersheds, with Purpose Groups as a foundation for economic development and environmental restoration. Purpose groups are village savings and loan associations, farmer field schools, and social/spiritual support groups. We also partner with local schools and churches as part of our community transformation. Tree planting, through agroforestry and local reforestation initiatives are fully led and implemented by local partner farmers on a voluntary basis. In general, we do not employ people for tree planting nor do plantation style projects.

Please complete the following form to indicate your interest in partnership or request for information/resources.

We cannot guarantee that partnership is available. We also do not provide funding to other organizations or ministries outside of the scope of our program work. We will:

1) Review your request
2) Document your interest in partnership
3) Contact you should a partnership opportunity arise and/or forward your information to our country program(s) if appropriate.

We are so grateful for your commitment to people and the planet, and for the work that you are doing.

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