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Hope for People & Planet: The Plant With Purpose Watershed Model

How do you address the interconnected problems of global poverty and environmental damage? The signature Plant With Purpose Watershed Model is uniquely effective in addressing AND scaling global solutions for people and planet.
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Kakumba: Democratic Republic of the Congo - A Plant With Purpose Story

Watch the inspirational story of Monika and Kamuno, a former guerilla soldier, and how their life is now transformed.
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Gladys & Esteban: Caña Watershed, Hondo Valle - A Plant With Purpose Story

Gladys & Esteban are farmers in the Caña Watershed, Dominican Republic. At the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. See how they overcome what seems like insurmountable odds to renew their family, their livelihood and their land. Hear their inspiring story and learn how reversing global poverty AND climate change go hand in hand.
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2023 Global Impact Video: Threads of Transformation

Come take a journey with us to Andabet, Ethiopia, where several years ago, Plant With Purpose launched a number of Purpose Groups. At the time, Mulu worried about having to leave for the city and beg. Azmara dealt with the lack of opportunities for women, despite a strong belief that she could do more. Tadele […]
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How an ENTIRE COMMUNITY graduated.

Congratulations to the HoiLu watershed in Thailand on COMPLETING the Plant With Purpose program. What makes a community fit and ready for graduation? Watch our video to hear more about the process, and to celebrate this milestone with us!
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Join the Plant With Purpose Community!

Does it ever feel like you're just one against massive challenges like poverty or climate change? What if you could be part of a solution that addresses both?
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Looking for Community?

Plant With Purpose has been providing Environmental Solutions to Humanitarian problems for 35 years. It is an international Christian organization that transforms lives in rural areas of developing countries where poverty is caused by deforestation. Plant With Purpose provides sustainable solutions to heal the relationship between the people and their environment by planting trees, revitalizing […]
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Scott Sabin, CEO: 2023 Gala Message

Hear from our CEO Scott Sabin in this short message from our 2023 gala where he provides encouraging updates on the status of the Plant With Purpose work around the world.
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Don Carlos and Epifania: Buenavista, Oaxaca, Mexico - A Plant With Purpose Story

Don Carlos and Epifania once lived a troubled and difficult life, but now they no longer need to wait for a miracle. A better future is in sight. Learn more in this uplifting story.
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At the Purpose Group

One group, three functions. Purpose Groups are how change is made in Plant With Purpose partnering communities. By aligning the work of sustainable agriculture, savings and loans, and spiritual renewal, members are overcoming their biggest challenges.
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The Earth is The Lord's

We honor God when we honor creation. Be inspired to connect your faith to your stewardship of the world we live in.
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How do you take an organization doing important work in a few corners of the globe and bring it a truly international scale?
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A Place in this World: Esperance & Deo

Mubone Colline, Burundi When the realities of a brutal civil war are visited upon your family, hope can be hard to find. Esperance once hid from the world, convinced her life was without value. Today she shines brighter than the light from the solar panel on her new home. Her community thrives and this woman […]
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Eleutario and Yolanda, Mexico: A Plant With Purpose Story

Like so many, Eleutario came to the U.S. looking for a way to support his family. What he found was 8 years of exhaustion and discouragement - until he found Jesus. Returning home, he found that hope and a future could also be found at home with his family. Watch his inspirational story.
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