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Plant With Purpose can help you meet the sustainability goals for your business while addressing the interconnected problems of deforestation and global poverty. We seek business supporters whose values and practice are aligned with the goal of creating a better future for our planet and all people.
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Of course, Plant With Purpose is pleased to receive donations from individuals or organizations to support our global work. We also believe in the mutual transformation that happens when a business commits to sustainability and making the world a better place. So while your donations transform vulnerable communities, we believe becoming a Plant With Purpose certified partner will transform you too.

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Plant With Purpose Certified Partners receive helpful resources and tools to help you tell the world about your investment in people and planet through Plant With Purpose.

We look forward to making a difference together!

Plant With Purpose stands against Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a marketing practice where companies feign the appearance of environmental responsibility, often by marketing their affiliation to environmental organizations or public use of terms like “sustainable” or “recycled” in their promotion, while not actually embracing environmentally responsible manufacturing, practices, or values. This is why at Plant With Purpose we seek to certify our business partnerships. We applaud the efforts of organizations to move toward authentically sustainable and environmentally ethical practices.

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