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Participation in our rural microfinance program means that families reduce the impact of poverty on their daily lives. This is about much more than money, it means that their lives and future prospects improve significantly.

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On average, Plant With Purpose participants experience a 55% reduction in poverty, directly impacting basic human needs like regularly eating nutritious meals, having a safe, liveable home, sending children to school and having savings to support new business opportunities or manage emergencies via rural microfinance strategies.

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Purpose Groups as a financial foundation

A Purpose Group is a community-based savings and loan association where members save, borrow and lend money, invest in their community, receive training in financial literacy, and more through rural microfinance strategies. Purpose Groups also serve as Farmer Field Schools and spiritual support communities.

Savings creates resilience

The average Purpose Group participant has 2.5 months of expenses saved (many, a much greater amount). This provides resilience against emergencies, natural disasters, climate change and more. In fact, the increased resilience of Purpose Group members has been documented in a recent peer-reviewed study.

Financial stability creates generosity

As people experience a reduction in financial need we see an amazing thing - generosity. People return to church and start giving to their communities. Purpose groups evaluate community needs and the needs of individuals, and make compassionate investments.

The impact is multiplied

The success of individual Purpose Groups is contagious! We have discovered that when only about 50% of the people in a community are participating in purpose groups, that up to 100% of the population will benefit as people replicate the Plant With Purpose interventions on their own and share what they’ve learned with neighbors.

Testimonial Stories

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Lynne Takahashi Marian

Marketing Director

Lynne Takahashi Marian

Marketing Director
“I have worked with many organizations doing good work around the world but I have never seen the combination of effectiveness, local leadership, spiritual impact and world-class verification as we have here at Plant With Purpose. We are truly investing in world change.”

Paul Penley

Managing Director, Excellence in Giving

Paul Penley

Managing Director, Excellence in Giving
“Plant with Purpose’s intervention erases the need for school scholarships, food hand-outs, free clinics and child sponsorship because now the family can take care of their own needs through increased income that's partially spent on education, healthcare and more nutritious food, and partially saved for the next emergency or small business opportunity . . . Plant with Purpose is getting it right.”

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Partner Farmer, Burundi


Partner Farmer, Burundi
"Before, we were in extreme poverty and hopeless. As soon as I joined the Purpose Grroup, everything changed. In the association we are in solidarity and we assist anyone who has a specific problem. As for the savings, after the first sharing, I bought a goat, after the second sharing, I bought another goat, and after the third sharing, I bought a solar panel. My house is now lit and I charge my phone without any problem. The goats have already given birth and I now have 5 goats in all.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We use savings groups because they put decision making and cash in the hands of community members from the start. Savings groups promote empowerment, build community, and can become a platform for other community development activities, including environmental initiatives.
At Plant With Purpose, community ownership begins from day one. Groups are all autonomous, and farmers make their own decisions. We provide organization, training, and support, which typically continues for 10-15 years before "graduation."
No, Plant With Purpose does not provide start-up capital. The groups' savings and equity is comprised solely of the group members' capital. Plant With Purpose does not inject capital into the groups, which is a decision based on experience and research showing the ineffectiveness of that approach. It is also counter productive to our global mission.
Groups are formed by community members who then create a constitution or bylaws to govern the group. Each member is part of the group's accountability, and each member plays a specific role. Specifically, each group has a cash box with three locks. There are three different key holders, and a fourth person is responsible for keeping the safe.

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