Board of Directors

Meet our board

Scott Sabin, CEO

Since 1995, Scott Sabin’s leadership at Plant With Purpose has grown the organization from a single program in one country to reach almost 50,000 farming families across eight countries. Scott is motivated to serve with Plant With Purpose because of the unique combination of spiritual, environmental, and economic work on behalf of the rural poor. Prior to working for Plant With Purpose, he served seven years in the United States Navy and in 2010 he published Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People. Scott holds a degree in Political Science from Oregon State University and a MA in International Relations from the University of San Diego. Scott and his wife Nancy reside in San Diego with their two children: Amanda and Danny. On any given Saturday, Scott can be found dinghy sailing on San Diego’s waterways.

John Steel, Board Chair

John Steel and his wife, Gail, were invited to a home reception in 2003 and have been hooked on Plant With Purpose’s impactful work ever since. John joined the board in 2013 and has been actively involved on the Executive Committee, Governance Committee, and serving in the role of both Secretary and Board Chair. John spent his career as the VP for Zytec Corp and Artesyn Technologies and is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota. He and Gail retired to sunny Solana Beach from Minnesota and have been actively involved at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. They have been married for over 50 years, have two sons, and five grandchildren. John enjoys riding his Harley through California’s diverse landscapes.

Judith Enns, Secretary

Judith Enns established the most successful Human Resources staffing and consulting firm, HR Solutions, in San Diego, now a division of Eastridge Workforce Solutions. The HR division has offices in Newport Beach, San Diego, and conducts business nationally. For over 30 years Dr. Enns has been influential in enhancing the role of Human Resources in companies of all sizes, and in advancing the careers of HR professionals. Now retired, Judith actively applies her human resources and business expertise to serve non-profit organizations as Board Chair, North County Immigration and Citizenship Center, Board Member, San Diego Rescue Mission, Board Member and Chair, HR Leadership Council, North County San Diego HR Association, Board Member and Governance Committee chair, Kingdom Builder Foundation, an active elder and Chair, Nominating Committee, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, where she has sung in the choir for 30+ years. She earned her Ph.D. in Communications at Ohio State University. Judith joined the Plant With Purpose board in 2019 and also serves on the Governance Committee.


Jeff Busby

After attending a home reception at Cindy Outlaw’s home (a long-time supporter) over a decade ago, Jeff Busby was inspired by Plant With Purpose’s empowerment model and long track record of delivering tangible, lasting results. Jeff has been an influential connector since 2003 and has served on the board since 2005 in various terms and leadership positions and currently serves on the Internal Affairs Committee and Investment Committee. Jeff is an alumnus of Northwestern University and UC Berkeley and is the current Executive Director of Brandes Investment Partners. Jeff and his wife, Sally, are active members at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church and enjoy traveling with their three daughters: Lucy, Grace, and Claire. Jeff took a bike trip in 2016 riding all the way from Canada to Mexico, and enjoys traveling up to Canada for backcountry skiing. He views his support of Plant With Purpose as the most important and effective in building God’s Kingdom.

Cathi Lundy

Cathi Lundy has been an influential asset to Plant With Purpose since the founding of Floresta in the mid-80’s. She and her husband, Albro, have both served various terms and leadership positions on the board, and Cathi currently chairs the External Affairs Committee. Albro was a law school friend of Dan Woodard, founder Tom Woodard’s brother, which is how they initially learned of Floresta over 30 years ago, and were immediately inspired by Floresta’s empowering work. Cathi has been influential in connecting dozens of people to Plant With Purpose over the years and leads a trip to Oaxaca every year with a group of women called the “Oaxaca Wahines.” She is an alumna of UCLA, where she and Albro met, and has spent her career in marketing consulting. Cathi and Albro live in Palos Verdes and have four grown children: Neva, Albro, Ian, and Alden, who have all visited Plant With Purpose programs in various countries.

Jeff Kahler

Jeff Kahler is rejoining the board in 2021 after serving several terms since 2006. Jeff is an avid biker and mountaineer. He has degrees from University of Colorado and University of Northern Colorado and is the CFO of Chuck Latham Associates and owner of Kahler Capital Management, LLC. He also serves as the CFO and Treasurer of Find us Faithful Foundation in Colorado, which has been a major donor to Plant With Purpose over the past six years. Jeff lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife, Elle, where they attend Castle Oaks Community Church.


Cindy Chen

Cindy has 14 years of technical experience across Shell and currently is an engineer with Shell Projects and Technology in Houston, TX. As a Candidate for Masters of Liberal Arts in Sustainability, she has additional focus in the areas of: 

  • Global Climate Change 
  • Circular Economy 
  • Sustainability Leadership 
  • Critical Analysis of Environmental Systems 
  • Environmental Management 

Cindy’s passion for improving conditions in areas of poverty has led her to participate on several international trips. In 2009 she traveled with Living Water International to Honduras to dig water wells and in 2013 she joined a Plant With Purpose vision trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. Cindy currently serves as Chair of the Board, Access Evangelical Covenant Church in Houston and joined the Plant With Purpose Board in 2019. She serves on the Plant With Purpose External Affairs Committee. 


Ted Law

Ted Law has been inspired by Plant With Purpose’s big vision for renewal that includes both the physical and spiritual, the earth and the soul; and now, after serving with board since 2016, he has grown to appreciate just how amazing the people are behind the organization. Ted is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and is the current Head Pastor at Access Evangelical Covenant Church in Houston, Texas, which has been an active church partner and Savings Group sponsor since 2007. Ted resides in Houston with his wife Amy and two kids, Emi and Mia. Their family initials, unintentionally, spell out TEAM Law. Ted enjoys a good swim and a good cup of coffee in the morning while watching the squirrels and trees in his backyard. He currently serves as the chair of the Governance Committee.


Janet Farley

After many years of supporting Plant With Purpose, Jan Farley joined the board in 2016 and serves on the Internal Affairs Committee. She is an alumnus of UC Santa Barbara and Fuller Theological Seminary and currently serves as the Associate Pastor at the Village Church, where Plant With Purpose has had an active and supportive partnership since 1997. Jan has been influential in bringing many people to Plant With Purpose through the Village Church. She is inspired by Plant With Purpose’s work because it is a way to honor God, His creation, and God’s people. Jan and her husband, Richard, live in La Jolla and have three children, two dogs, and two granddogs. She enjoys reading, board games, and travel.


Steve Dhanens, Treasurer

Steve recently retired as Senior Director of Global Operations from Qualcomm Incorporated based in San Diego, CA. For over 15 years, Steve served in numerous divisions of Qualcomm as a financial executive and successfully developed and led high-performance teams in the areas of Corporate development, Finance and Strategy, Capacity planning, Strategic sourcing, Accounting, and Acquisition Integration. Steve and his wife Dalal have 4 children (Katie, Annie, Gracie and Ted) and recently became grandparents. They reside in Solana Beach where they enjoy family time and the outdoors. They are members of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. Steve joined the Plant With Purpose Board in 2019.


Eric Kaiser

Eric Kaiser met Scott at an ECHO missions conference in Florida in 2001, where he instantly connected with Plant With Purpose’s work. Eric has since served on the board for several terms and came back on the board in 2017. Eric holds degrees from both SDSU and UCSD and is an engineer and leader at ViaSat. He also serves as the director of Widow’s Jar Foundation, which has been an integral partner of Plant With Purpose since the early 2000’s. Eric and his wife, Wendy, reside in San Diego, attend Emmanuel Faith Community Church, and have three children: Julia, Alex, and Zach. He enjoys rolling up his sleeves to work in his organic garden and restoring historic homes. He also serves on the Plant With Purpose Internal Affairs Committee.


Darrell Shrader

Darrell Shrader joined the board in 2018. Darrell and his wife Jill are members of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church where he first learned of Plant With Purpose. After 29 1⁄2 years of service, he retired as a family practice physician. He has numerous volunteer activities including volunteering as both a participant and physician with “Come Build Hope” (house building in Mexico) and tutoring Hispanic children with Casa de Amistad. Darrell’s interests besides being an active and engaged grandfather of 5, includes hiking, health and fitness, and he is an avid birder. His passion is supporting nonprofits like Plant With Purpose who are committed to encouraging and empowering people around the world to support themselves and their families and live with dignity. He has personally visited both Haiti and Dominican Republic to see and experience for himself the environmental impact and transformation of lives wrought by Plant With Purpose’s complete and self-sustaining mission program. Darrell serves on the Plant With Purpose Governance Committee. 




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