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Crossmark Global Investments is excited to once again partner with Plant With Purpose this September. The mission of this wonderful organization is to restore hope by reversing two of the world’s greatest interconnected challenges: global poverty and environmental damage.

Last year, we focused on funding the tree-planting in Tanzania and were able to contribute $17,015 as a firm! This year, our goal is to fund as many Purpose Groups as we can.
Amount raised so far:
Amount needed to fund one Purpose Group:

What is a Purpose Group?

“Community-based and locally-led, Purpose Groups are the foundation of the watershed model, bringing neighbors together to learn, collaborate, and encourage one another. Purpose Groups have four components: Farmer Field School, savings group, reforestation, and spiritual encouragement.”
On average, Plant With Purpose participants experience a 55% reduction in poverty, directly impacting basic human needs like regularly eating nutritious meals, having a safe home, sending children to school, and having savings to support new business opportunities or manage emergencies via rural microfinance strategies. In short, Purpose Groups empower partnering families to reduce the impact of poverty on their daily lives.
The average Purpose Group participant has 2.5 months of expenses saved (and for many, a much greater amount). This provides resilience against emergencies, natural disasters, climate change and more.

We hope you will join us in supporting this essential work!

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