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What Purpose Partners do different

February 26, 2019

Purpose Partners are more than just donors. They’re believers.

If you want to know what keeps our work going, look no further than our Purpose Partner community. Our support from these monthly donors means that every month, rural communities plant forests. Mothers in Tanzania, Burundi, and the DRC open small businesses. Churches in the Caribbean step up to meet their community’s needs.

It’s a beautiful thing, and Purpose Partners make it possible.

Purpose Partners give farming families sustained support. With $22, they’re impacting the life of a particular family every month, and it all adds up. As family after family gains new opportunities, entire villages are lifted out of poverty.

But being a Purpose Partner isn’t just about making donations—it’s about being an active believer in the potential of people, the wonder of creation, and the power of God.

Here’s a snippet of what Purpose Partners believe.

Partners in the Dominican Republic are full of hope.

Partners in the Dominican Republic are full of hope.

They believe in seeing potential rather than pity

There has been no shortage of efforts to help the poor from a place of pity. Most of us at one point or another have seen a commercial designed to pull at heartstrings by showing people in their most miserable conditions. Unfortunately, this has led to damaged self esteem in these communities. Change begins with what a person believes about his or her self.

Purpose Partners believe that pity does more harm than good. Instead, they seek to see what God sees in his people: dignity and potential.

Purpose Partners are motivated by a vision of thriving families, rejuvenated forests, and revived villages. They realize that the world as God intended it is a beautiful thing, and that it’s worth pursuing.

A savings group meeting in a house in Tanzania.

A savings group meeting in a house in Tanzania

They believe in partnership, rather than paternalism

‘Partner’ is more than just a title. It’s a way of interacting.

Purpose Partners don’t believe they have all the answers. They realize that the world already has a Savior and that none of us needs to play that role. Instead, we simply have an opportunity to come alongside other people as they create change in their own communities.

Their support isn’t a handout, it’s an investment. It’s driven by an awareness that even among the poor, generosity can overflow. As our friend Andres says, in communities like his, “the poor are helping the poor!” Our support simply enhances their opportunity to lead their own communities forward.

Agroforestry is the process of incorporating trees into agriculture systems.

Agroforestry is the process of incorporating trees into agriculture systems.

They believe in lasting change rather than loud noise

In the world of international development, there have been many innovations and solutions hailed as the final solution to poverty. All claim to have the answer to the world’s most pressing problems. Oftentimes, these solutions are introduced with a lot of fanfare before becoming old news a few years later.

Innovation is a good thing, and we value constant learning and creativity. But Purpose Partners also understand that making a lasting impact calls for commitment. There’s simply no substitute for the daily, small steps needed to make poverty a thing of the past.

That’s why Purpose Partners invest in things that grow steadily. Trees. Family businesses. Sustainable agriculture. They might not be overnight fixes, but their impact is larger and more powerful than we often realize.

Do these sound like things you value? Maybe you’ve got the heart of a Purpose Partner! Want to join the community? Click here to learn more.

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