A Plant With Purpose original film

Meet Eleuterio and Yolanda, two farmers living in the Coatecas Altas watershed in Oaxaca, Mexico. Eleuterio and Yolanda represent a movement of some of the poorest, most isolated families in the world who are leaning into faith, and finding that it yields restoration. Please watch their story and hear how their faith deepened through their time with Plant With Purpose.

The spiritual aspect of our restorative mission is the piece that makes all the difference. It’s also often the hardest component to talk about, as many people aren’t used to making the connection between environmental action and spiritual beliefs.

We believe that our environmental practices can and should be an extension of our beliefs about God. Be believe that this can be true whether we’re farming in Burundi or developing software in Boston.

But we also believe it’s important to constantly emphasize how connected the planet’s health is to our spiritual health. Throughout scripture, the physical appearance of a land’s health is often dynamically related to the spiritual climate of a group of people. We believe that at a global scale, much of the planet’s ecological suffering stems from spiritual brokenness.

On the other side, however, we believe that spiritual renewal can drive environmental restoration at a grand scale. As more eyes are opened to the intersection of faith and sustainability, we believe people will discover a greater motivation to make the necessary changes to protect our planet. These motivators include love and obedience.