Pray for our partners

As you pray for our partners, consider the following praises and prayer requests that have been sent to us from our international partners.

Pray that God opens the doors and we can begin to share our transformative work with new people. Please pray for good community participation and a vision to expand environmental stewardship beyond the church and for opportunities to learn by experience


Praise God for fruitful meetings with Hope International Burundi and its church partners, to work towards a partnership. We aimed to engage the churches in order for them to understand the project’s objectives. We found an opportunity to train their savings group members in agroecology. We provided Theology of Work training in Mugere. Participants studied how to put their faith into practice through environment restoration and care for all creation. Pray for a good end to the year 2020. Pray that the Lord to extends his kindness to our families and to the whole Plant With Purpose family as we celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays. May the Almighty God continue to protect us against the COVID-19 which is on the rise in our country. Pray for the participants and the staff to continue their work without infection.


We have been receiving abundant rain and our savings groups are functioning well despite the difficult conditions of the pandemic. Thank God! It's the end of the cycle for several savings groups. Pray that when they do the distribution of savings, everything goes successfully. May God protect the members of the groups. Pray for our upcoming workshop "Socio-spiritual work in the face of the COVID-19 crisis" for pastors and leaders.


Praise God for the health of our staff and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. In all our watersheds as of now, we do not have any COVID-19 cases. We thank God that the process of hiring new staff went well and that we have good and experienced staff. Please pray for safety in our region and our seven watersheds that enables us to conduct work and follow up with no challenges. We will be celebrating the National Environment Day on the 5th of December. Plant With Purpose DRC is leading the event. Pray for this beginning of the tree planting campaign. We launch our new office in Luvubu watershed next month. Pray that it has a positive impact on the our whole program.


Praise God for an excellent tree survival rate, effective nursery site development and the start of seedling production, a successful start of effective Farmer Field Schools. and the successful establishment of nursery sites in churches, government schools, and individual backyards. We have not been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pray for protection of our participants from the global pandemic. Also pray for political stability and solidarity in Ethiopia, and effective harvests for our participant farmers.


Every day, people are killed and kidnapped in the streets by gangs. God has been protecting us. Praise God that the Impact Evaluation ran without major difficulties in one week in two different areas by the same staff. Three communities: Deye Mon Oreb, Wosmann, Boukan Pye joined the program in Fonds-Verrettes. Please pray that God guides the staff as they teach good agricultural practices to the farmers. The national currency has appreciated in comparison with the dollar. About 49% of our budget is missing because of that situation. The purchasing power of all families has decreased, our staff in particular. Please pray that we can continue our work and reach our goals even in this difficult situation. The country appears to be on the verge of a political and social catastrophe .


Several savings groups will be graduating this quarter and others are closing their cycle. May God bless the participating families and allow the stewardship of their finances and environment to be strengthened. We carried out an Impact Evaluation, despite all the challenges that the team had to face. The Lord has cared for us recently, as temperatures have dropped and respiratory diseases increased. Pray for the families of the Mesbiljá communities and the Matzam community in Tenejapa, as they were affected by the hurricanes. Many have had material losses due to landslides. We are not yet collaborating in Matzam, but it is located in the Mesbiljá basin. Let us pray that the rains will stop so they can rescue their crops. In Chiapas, rains have caused damage to roads and communities and presented setbacks to our activities. We pray for strength so that the jobs can be completed on time.


We have been blessed with rainfall which started early in November. May this rain be used by our community in producing crops and trees in our areas. We pray for our ongoing tree planting campaign which is taking place during the  month of November. All savings group members, institutional leaders, students, government officials and citizens participate in this campaign. May these planted trees grow well and change our environment. We pray farmers practice the agricultural techniques they've learned in this rainy season. The techniques are eco-friendly and easy in application.


New field staff have come to work with us, a swine epidemic situation in northern Thailand has gotten much better, and seedlings have been planted and the trees that farmers have planted this year are growing well. Thank God! We pray for our team and that they serve in good health and safety during travel and work. Please pray for the COVID-19 situation, particularly around the border of Thailand and Myanmar, and that the political situation in Thailand does not come to violence.


All Plant With Purpose international programs are growing amidst a historically challenging time. We have added Annah Amani as our new Africa Program Officer, and our staff continues working together safely through COVID-19. We are thankful for hardworking and steadfast Plant With Purpose partners around the world who inspire their neighbors to action by their faithful example. Thank God for faithful and enthusiastic U.S. partners. Donors are essential to our mission and provide momentum to our program partners’ work. God has protected the health and safety of our staff and partners amidst this global crisis. So far, we have just a few reports of COVID-19 cases in our worldwide programs, and families have remained safe amidst political and social unrest. Please pray for the continued health and safety of our worldwide staff and their extended families amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We pray that we will stay strong and be able to continue this very important work. We are recruiting for a few new additions to our team: A Marketing & Communications Assistant and a new Regional Representative in Houston. We pray that God would bring the right individuals to add to our team. We are seeking opportunities to be still and reflect amidst the Advent season.