Pray for our partners

As you pray for our partners, consider the following praises and prayer requests that have been sent to us from our international partners.

Pray that God opens the doors and we can begin to share our transformative work with new people. Please pray for good community participation and a vision to expand environmental stewardship beyond the church and for opportunities to learn by experience


We praise God for His protection during the month of September. He has protected our staff on several field visits. We are grateful for the capacity building workshops, particularly regarding income generating activities for our savings groups. We are also thankful for the enthusiasm among our partners for community nurseries. Partners are learning how to graft and care for fruit trees. We pray for seedlings in our nurseries that they will grow strong using learned techniques. Pray for the upcoming fire season and the return of rain so that farmers can plant the fields that they have prepared. We also pray for continued safety and protection for our staff and participants.


Praise God for successful savings group cycles in the Central Region, Ozama, and Hondo Valle. We also give thanks for successful summer Bible school camps where six thousand children learned ethical and family values, preservation of the Environment, and how to share the love of God. Please pray for the community of Veinte in the Ozama region. This region has had many recent health concerns. We continue to pray for favorable rains as they are experiencing a severe drought and farmers' crops are not producing. We also hope that communities in the Hondo Valle region are receptive to working with Plant With Purpose!


We thank God for the health of our staff and their families. Our tree nurseries are in healthy condition and rain has been available, which will help support a successful farming season. We also thank Him for the successful trainings of groups in Kambekulu on Environment Core Curriculum (ECC) and the initiation of new savings groups. Please continue to pray for the health and well-being of our staff and the Ebenezer Ministries International (EMI).


We praise God for a successful visit to the Gondar City and office and field programs. Our annual plan was effective and successfully implemented. We pray for a successful Visit of our staff members to visit our colleagues in Tanzania. We hope for collaboration with Plant With Purpose Burundi and participation on the upcoming meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. Please continue to pray for successful preparation of our new nursery site and a good customs clearing agent for safe landing and transportation of our new field car from abroad.


We thank God for the accomplishment of the quarterly operating plan and for the health and well-being of our staff and partners. Please pray for peace and the political stability for Haiti. We also pray for a consensus among politicians to work for the well being of the poor. Please continue to pray for the safety of the staff during their travel on the road particularly in the cities.


Praise God for the reforestation efforts this year and the new vehicle that we have been able to acquire to replace our old truck. We thank God for the donors who made this possible. We continue to be thankful for the ways in which God has kept our staff safe. We pray for late rains this year and encouragement for people who have lost their crops. We hope that they would be encouraged to reforest, although it can be challenging due to a lack of clean water.


We are thankful for a successful supply of Contagious Caprine Pleuro-pneumonia (CCPP) vaccine to all goats distributed by organization to our partners. This vaccine prevents viral disease outbreak at Saseni River sub watershed. We praise God for the protection and good health of team during the conduction of monitoring and evaluation exercises in all groups. We pray for the health of our families, partners, and all of the communities we are working with as there have been many family burials have been taking place in the last weeks. We also pray for a peaceful election of local government leaders in our country, this is a campaign that will start in October.


We praise God for a peaceful working environment in Thailand. We are also so thankful for the discovery of new areas for organizational improvement. We pray for a successful recruitment process for a new permanent director and the Identification of the right watersheds to focus our work on the next strategic phase.


We praise God for Paul Thompson, our new Chief Operating Officer. We are so grateful for Scott and John’s successful visit to Burundi and Ethiopia. Scott, John, and staff were safe and had a really productive and enjoyable time with our partners. We pray for the Strategic Planning Process. As we continue to move forward with the next phase in the planning process, we ask for wisdom and clarity in our direction, and discernment over the various strategies Plant With Purpose can employ over the next 5 years. We also continue to pray for the upcoming gala on October 19. We pray for the volunteers, donors and guests that will be attending this event.