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Not Condemned to be Poor

January 30, 2019

A changed heart is the first step towards renewal

One of the biggest things that determines what we can accomplish is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. A big part of Plant With Purpose’s program is to replace false narratives that our participants have come to believe with the reality of how God sees them.

Godolfredo in Mexico can attest to that.

He started to think that he would never escape the scenario of not having enough. The constant struggle to survive leads many to believe the falsehood that they are of little value.

“People say that the poor are condemned to be poor, and that’s not the case.”

Godolfredo’s new mindset led to a new life

Plant With Purpose partnered with a local church in the area to lead workshops on empowerment.Godolfredo participated in one of these and he describes it as one of the greatest improvements made in his life.

After a while, Godolfredo realized he could be the solution to many of the problems in his community. These included the environmental strain they had been under as well as the constant challenge of poverty. He learned that his work as a farmer was extremely valuable- he could be a caretaker of creation.

Godolfredo got busy with several projects. He put a lot of care into a greenhouse, a tomato project, and a community group. “These projects have been very beneficial,” he informed us. “The greenhouse has helped economically and by improving our nutrition. The children ate our tomatoes like fruit!”

Tomato greenhouse in Mexico

Tomato greenhouse in Mexico

The way things are isn't the way they have to be

Godolfredo still reminds us of this truth. Our world may be full of problems- poverty, environmental crises, as well as numerous injustices, however we get to participate in God’s plan to restore all things.

Godolfredo also helps by organizing similar workshops for other people to participate in. “I’m the point of contact for these talks and visits,” he tells us. “I’ve spoken to others about the Plant With Purpose projects, which create connection to more people who get involved. My brothers and sisters in the community also motivate me to continue working on those projects.”

Plant With Purpose helps farmers like Godolfredo discover their purpose and their role to play in God’s plan to redeem all creation. To start supporting farmers like him, learn about becoming a Purpose Partner!

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