Grassroots Podcast
Grassroots Podcast

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With deforestation on the rise, concerning climate reports being released each month, and the most vulnerable communities being the most affected- where do we fit in?

What do justice and worship look like when creation is threatened?

If we love our neighbors, what do we do when famine, drought, and rising sea levels take a toll?

This is a conversation we’re long overdue to have. Tune in to Grassroots- a Plant With Purpose podcast

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Ep. 06 – The Planet’s Case For Hope

Ep. 05 – Can Our Small Actions Actually Make a Difference?

Ep. 04 – Loving God By Loving Creation

Ep. 03 – Haiti’s Challenge

Ep. 02 – It Threatens The Most Vulnerable

Ep. 01 – The Roots of Everything

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Lucy McCray, The Freedom Story
Abdul Ada, Mozambican Biologist
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Gernita Origen, Haitian Farmer
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Guy Paraison, Floresta Ayiti
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Matthew Sleeth, Blessed Earth
Phileena Heurtz, The Gravity Center
Michelle Ferrigno Warren, Proximity to the Poor
Noe Nizigama, Floresta Burundi
Nick Laparra, Let’s Give A Damn
Richard Lee, International Justice Mission
Bunsak Thongdi, Farmer
Shane Claiborne, The Simple Way
Scott Sabin, Plant With Purpose
Kent Annan, You Welcomed Me
Birori Gaparani, Plant With Purpose DR Congo