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Introducing the Plant With Purpose GrassRoots Podcast!

April 23, 2019

Here’s fun news- we’re launching a podcast!

Over the past few months, our team has been arranging interviews, talking to fascinating individuals, and reflecting on our own experiences on the journey of environmental restoration all for the purpose of putting together a moving and informative podcast experience.

The show will be called GrassRoots and it will go live in June 2019.

As time goes, many of the world’s environmental crises also grow more severe. Our planet suffers, and so do its people. More and more families are having to flee their homes as their ecosystems are no longer habitable. As believers who are called to love and care for all of creation, how do we respond? What keeps us hopeful? This is a conversation we’re now overdue to have.

Tree-planting in Haiti transforms communities.

Tree-planting in Haiti transforms communities.

The show is an inside look at root causes and ground-up solutions

We'll look at the environment, of course, but we'll also look at the other areas of life, justice, and spirituality, that the environment intersects with. That’s why we’ve found ourselves having conversations about contemplative spirituality, human trafficking, and inner-city health, all while examining how the environment serves as a root cause and how environmental stewardship serves as a spiritual discipline.

We’re also focused on solutions, constantly asking ourselves if our actions are effective, and learning from those who have a lot to teach us. We’ll be exploring how people on the frontlines of the environmental crisis are responding to their challenges in bold and innovative ways.

Podcast guest Shane Claiborne

Podcast guest Shane Claiborne

Here’s what you can expect:

Hearing from leading voices in the realm of environmentalism, faith, and international development:

We’ll be speaking with Jonathan Brooks and Shane Claiborne. Paul Robinson, as well as Phileena Heurtz, and Michelle Ferrigno Warren, and a host of other leading voices in these arenas.

Hearing from those on the frontlines of the environmental crisis:

From the national parks of South Africa to the hilltribes of Thailand, the jungles of Colombia, and the hills of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this podcast will be a global journey featuring the voices of those most affected by environmental issues.

Asking ourselves the challenging questions:

We won’t stray from the hard questions. We’ll ask if our small actions are enough. Really enough. We’ll ask about the way the church has struggled with its relationship with the environment. We’ll ask if there’s a case for hope in spite of everything we hear.

Ready to listen? Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher and visit our podcast page for more information.

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