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What does poverty look like?

The crisis of poverty is environmental, economic, and spiritual. For the 800 million people living in poverty,* these aren't separate issues but rather different facets of the same struggle. How do you measure poverty?

For many families in countries like Haiti, Ethiopia, and Burundi, survival is a daily challenge. Farming a steep and eroded hilside is increasingly difficult as climate change and soil depletion reduce crop production year after year.

The problem is exacerbated by lack of access to banks or other sources of emergency financial suport. In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, many resort to selling animals or cutting down their trees, fueling a downward spiral. These populations become vulnerable to the perils of human trafficking, guerilla militias, hazardous mining jobs, and even becoming refugees.
*United Nations Development Programme
Poverty is not about money alone. To measure poverty alleviation of our efforts effectively, we evaluate 12 key indicators. This MPI is based on recognized benchmarks used in global development. The approach to evaluating poverty aleviation is more meaningful, balanced, and comprehensive than using a single metric.

How many people live in Multidimensional Poverty?

4 in 10 Haitians
8 in 10 Ethiopians
7 in 10 Burundians

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