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The Power of Investing in Mothers

April 11, 2019

What changes when you invest in mothers?

Mothers are a major part of any family. Whether it be a working mother of two or a stay at home mom, the mothers in our lives have helped shape us. The title of ‘mother’ is not a light load. Mothers are some of the best workers, multi-taskers, and problem solvers we have when it comes to improving lives. Mothers just might be the gateway to a better tomorrow.

This is especially true in the realm of international development.

Below are three generational investments we make when we join in supporting and amplifying the power of mothers:

1. Family life

When we invest in mothers, we invest in entire families. Mothers are an essential part of any family dynamic. Many mothers take on roles of nurturer, caretaker, and housekeeper, just to name a few. Mothers are essentially the roots of family life.

According to OCED, "women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. But they need access to the full range of credit, banking and financial services and facilities essential to more fully develop their assets, their land and their businesses." The majority of participants in Plant With Purpose's programs are mothers.

By investing in mothers, we are promoting strong family dynamics between husbands and wives, parents and children. Mothers are the caregivers and nurturers of the future generations. By investing in mothers, they will have more power, knowledge, and resources to help transform their children’s lives. We cannot improve the lives of children without first improving the lives of the mothers.

The history of a savings group is carefully recorded.

The history of a savings group is carefully recorded.

2. Financial circumstances

When we invest in mothers, we invest in financial change. In many of the communities we work in, the father typically takes on the role of financial supporter while the mother is left at home with the children. While raising children is an essential and important job, it is also a job that does not pay.

Many mothers must stop attending school in order to provide care for their families. Yet, continuing to grow and educate themselves would improve not only their lives but the lives of their families. Mothers also work to ensure that their children have the opportunity to pursue a future unavailable to them. By securing the resources to pay for school fees and making sure children are cared for, mothers think ahead to the generation that represents the future of their village.

By acquiring more entrepreneurial knowledge, more mothers could start businesses and help provide financial support for their families.

Monte Frio has thrived as a community since participating with Plant With Purpose.

Monte Frio has thrived as a community since participating with Plant With Purpose.

3. Communities

When we invest in mothers, we invest in community change. Women are strong and essential parts of communities around the world.

Studies have shown that mothers are more likely to invest in communities when they are in control of the money. Mothers in communities come together to share stories, purchase food for their households, and support each other.

Mothers are proven to be exceptionally hard workers. In many parts of Africa, mothers work up to eighteen hours a day without a day off. They wake up before dawn in order to collect firewood and water, and see their family through the end of the day. They frequently sleep last, after the rest of the family has been fed and bathed. In the event that there is no money or nutrition for dinner, mothers are forced to get creative. Mothers in rural villages embody resilience.

Mothers have a great return on investment. By investing in mothers, we will see changes in family life, financial circumstances, and all around community betterment.

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